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I'd be more inclined to agree with Kevin and Lee. Look at his record when it comes to missing cuts (rather...not missing them). And Noon...your point is only somewhat valid, look at the history of golf and you will see that it is not uncommon for top players to have winning streaks, when you're hot you're hot...and you shouldn't be surprised when it happens in golf.

I don't agree with Marc's comments and I think Lee's are warranted because Marc's post has a very condescending tone towards it. I think Marc also lacks some understanding in golf and should read Lee's post carefully. According to Marc anyone but the 4 major winners or big tournament winners are in a'on, no sport works like that, why is golf any different?

Yeah, he hasn't won every tournament this season (which is still early so I don't think it's fair to pass such comments yet), and he still has some kinks to work out with his driving and his putting. But com'on, if you watch any tournament with Tiger, his name usually isn't too far from the first page or two of the leaderboard. If you ask me, someone who can pull that off consistently, even if they aren't winning every tournament is not in any slump.
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