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Default Coaching or lack of talent?

After watching Seattle blow the game against the Chargers on Sunday I would like to pose a question. Are the Seahawks just that bad or are they being poorly coached? For my part I believe they are being poorly coached. Especially the D. It seems like they have some pretty talented players on that side of the ball; Bryce Fisher, Grant Wistrom, Lofa Tatupu, Kelly Herndon, Kelly Jennings, and Ken Hamlin to name a few. And yet they are only ranked 24 in total yrds allowed. Ever since Ray Rhodes gave up his duties as Defensive Coordinator they've played very conservative and allowed quite a few big plays that have changed the out come of games.

As far as the offense, I know losing Hutch was huge but they still have a lot of talent but can't seem to come together and click. Alexander looks nothing like the running back he has been in the past few years (I'm starting to believe in the Madden curse...) and Hasselbeck has struggled since coming back from his injury as well. They looked pretty good against San Diego, minus Branch dropping four passes...but then they run three run plays when the run has been getting stuffed most of the game with the lead and three mins left? Pass the freakin ball and get at least one first down for crying out loud. You can't let a team like the Bolts have that much time to march down the field.

I sure hope they figure it out or it's going to be a very short playoff for my team.
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