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Buck's Day

Slow morning in the zoo. Nuttin' major going on. Think they were still somewhat sedated from the long break.

Lunch hour and my brother calls me from his school (our old high school). Tells me they are putting together a new version of "Scared Straight" at a local super-max prison (that's the key) and some of his kids are sentenced to it.

If you don't remember Scared Straight it was a program that originated in the 70s where they take hardcore kids on the path of destruction and put 'em in The Rock to show 'em what it's like.

Joy and hope fill my heart.

I get the number of the guy puttin' it on from my brother and call the man up. This SOB tells me that my kids don't qualify for it cuz they aren't violent offenders of anything.

I sorta knew that. Well, of course I knew that but I was hoping this guy would throw me a bone and we could disguise it as a "field trip" or something along those lines.

I tell ya guys...I was this close to watching my damn fools gettin' locked in that cell and having the lifers show 'em what it's all about. God, just to see 'em suffer in there would have made my life...forget making my day.

Damn society. How else can I teach them? I'm not allowed to beat 'em.

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