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Thanks for the kind words about my football knowledge, and about my Warrick Dunn column.

Are you sure I can't put Steve McNair on my list?
OK (disappointment)

OK, here's my list.

1) Manning (duh!). If he had tried a little harder to pad his stats, or if he needed to, he could have had 55 TDs and 5,000 yards.
2) Culpepper. Even without his best receiver for five games, he still racked up the second-best passer rating ever.
3) McNabb. For the first time, he had a legit No. 1 receiver and it showed. But TO doesn't deserve all the credit.
4) Vick. I'm generally not a fan of running QBs, but the Falcons are a less-than-mediocre team without him; and a playoff team with him.
5) Brady. A few contributors on this thread have said he's just a clutch QB. I agree. That's why he's in my top 5.
6) Brees. A tremendous season. I'm waiting to see him do it again before I put him in the top 5.
7) Favre. Everyone is making a lot out of his age, but the fact is, the Packers receivers have slipped and the defense sometimes leaves him in positions where he has to throw, which leads to Ints.
8) Roethlisberger. He might throw the ball only 20-25 times a game, but that's taking the entire game into account. The Steelers throw a lot early in games and Big Ben has played well. Then, once things are wrapped up, Pittsburgh goes into running mode, which makes it look like the Steelers are a running team, when their offense is actually pretty balanced.
9) Bulger. This could be a case of less is more. His big criticism is that he throws too many picks, but if he didn't have to carry the Rams offense, that INT number might come down.
10) Pennington. He still looks pretty good, even with the messed up arm. Gutsy performance this year.
11) Leftwich. I like this guy's arm; love his heart.
12) Green. I'm just thinkin'. Wouldn't it be something if we took KC's offense and combined it with the Redskins' defense? Boy, that'd be a great team.
Near misses: Delhomme and Plummer (either could have made this list if they cut down on their INTs.
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