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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Thanks, Doug. Finally, someone who gets it. I appreciate buckeye starting new threads, I was just suggesting something that would be more effective, i.e. you might be better off starting them gradually as opposed to dozens on one day and then go weeks without posting one. I'm not blaming anyone.
I guess this makes me, Mike, Sue, Phil, Tarkus, Ellis, Alex and mush stupid cuz those are the folks who either gave up on you or simply don't give a s-hit anymore...if they even post.

You're clearly referencing me in this manifesto ya little ball-less wonder. At least have the guts to say it. I'm the only one who even starts threads to begin with so it has to be me. And neither method is effective cuz it has been tried for quite awhile now.

Nobody wants to post on a board with a little self-absorbed elitist know-it-all that has done nothing to improve the boards in years.
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