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Cool Barber

originally posted by I OWN THIS
Teams always attack Rhonde Barber
You have GOT to be kidding, Joey. Barber probably got tested less often than any other corner in the league last season.

He's been an all-pro each of the last two years -- he got more votes than any other DB in '01, and in '02 SI's Dr. Z chose him as the top corner in the NFL:

Barber was my front-runner from the go, and he did nothing to disappoint me. Many teams stayed away from him for almost an entire game, which is why Brian Kelly at the other corner got so much work, and so many picks.
originally posted by I OWN THIS
I think Rhonde does not have the speed to play one on one
Barber is usually playing Cover 2 Zone, but I've never noticed a deficiency in his man-to-man cover skills, or noticed a game where I really thought he got taken apart. I also never noticed a lack of speed -- and Tiki is certainly fast -- but even so, Barber is protected by the zone, as you noted. Isn't there something to be said for being the best zone defender in the league? It certainly worked for the Bucs last year. (I do think Barber would be an elite cover corner, too, though)

I like Champ Bailey, but he's overrated. I am certain I've seen him play more often than you have, and while he's undoubtedly one of the top corners in the league, he is NOT the best, and I certainly wouldn't put him ahead of Barber or Vincent.

Surtain was great last year -- my #2 CB -- but he's just been really good before that. Madison slipped a lot last year, and Woodson is overrated and injured. McAllister's a great corner, but I prefer Barber.

You're certainly entitled to a difference of opinion, but I think Barber's the best corner in the NFL right now, and IMO there's no way he's outside the top 5.

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