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The bottom line is that the Niners dropped a winning coach and picked up a losing coach. Thats a real bad idea unless you're looking for a yes man to do the bidding of Bill Walsh.
After Paul Allen bought the Seahawks, he opened his wallet to scoop up every free agent available but Ericson still bombed. In training camp, one veteran said that there was so much talent here that only the coaches could screw it up. Good call.
The main problem with ericson is that he doesn't command the respect of the (NFL) players and seems to disappear when losing.

By the way, I might be a little biased due to my WHITE HOT HATRED for this team!

The Eagles have been extremely good at developing unknown talent over the last few years and keep putting out competitive teams. If that is truly due to good management and coaching then they will be just as good this year. If it was just luck then it may run out.

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