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Fresh, have you ever read back to the 1970's when the same people saying global warming will kill us all were saying we were entering a "new ice age"? It is certainly warmer now than it was then, but that is easily explained by natural climatological cycles -- usually around 30 years. If the earth is still warming in 10 years, I may be persuaded to believe that we have had some impact on it.
This said, there is nothing wrong with attempting to clean up the environment. As an active environmentalist, I will say that we, as individuals, must leave the planet cleaner than when we arrived on it. We must all do our parts to clean up after ourselves. If everyone did this, we would have fewer problems. We can make a difference without ratifying a flawed treaty.
Also, I agree that nobody should take either of these men very seriously. Newt is one that I have limited respect for, but at least he did his job when he was in the Congress. Mr. Kerry cannot even be bothered to show up for most votes.
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