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It's pretty cold and it's April. Not so sure the science is working out on this one...
Read what global warming is, and you will realize how silly this statement is.

It is certainly warmer now than it was then, but that is easily explained by natural climatological cycles
No, that's the point it CAN NOT be explained by natural cycles. The temperatures being recorded, the carbon output, and the changes in the environment are UNPRECENDENTED. These things have never occured in the history of the "natural cycle." Seriously, has anyone on this site looked at the statistical data? Have any of you looked at the information gathered by THE EXPERTS, THE CLIMATOLOGISTS, and the ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY? The scientific community has come to the conclusion that global warming is happening, and that we are definately influencing it. Please just read A LITTLE bit of information from the scientists. Not the 4 or 5 republican-paid, oil-company-paid scientists that dispute global warming. Look at the information that comes from ALL THE MAJOR SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD!!!! Does that mean anything to you guys? Are you seriously going to just ignore the ENTIRE scientific community? When did scientists become some crazy group of liberals that we don't listen to? I mean come on. Drop your political sword for a second and think of this logically. Why would EVERY major scientific organization in the world lie about this?
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