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It's just that science can be manipulated and stretched in many varying degrees.
You are correct, but this isn't a brand new issue, that only a few scientists have looked into. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change consisted of over 200 governments, and the "best and brightest" scientists from each country in the field of Climatology. They reached a consensus, saying it is more than a 90% chance that we are causing global warming. I mean, that is pretty conclusive, right?

I would agree with you if scientists were split down the middle, but it's not even close.

From there, even if you get the recognition of whether humans are affecting climate change you have the huge obstacle of whether you want to do something about it.
Why wouldn't you want to do something about it? The positives outweigh the negatives ten fold. The economic downside would be countered by the millions of jobs that would be created and the spark of innovation that has been America's strongest attribute. We would no longer depend on foreign sources for fuel, and we would take a major tool away from the "bad guys."

Action will cost very little, and benefit our society greatly - even if the scientists are wrong. Inaction could cost everything.
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