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Its not that I dispute the "scientists", but I distinctly remember some of the same "scientists" proclaiming the dangers of entering another ice age in the '70s.
Wrong, there was no consensus among the scientific community in the 70s. That was simply a few scientists and a theory. This is a consensus among the best scientists in the field. The debate is over on global warming, it is happening.

As I said, if the earth is still warming in 10 years, I might be persuaded to believe this is something other than the natural cycle of our climate.
Once again, if you truly understood global warming you wouldn't make that statement. The things that are occuring are UNPRECENDENTED. For something to be part of a "cycle" it has to be something that is REPEATING, something that has happened before. That is not the case.

I don't wish to argue this with you any more because you don't have your facts straight. If you wish to look up the statistical data - look up the ocean levels, look up carbon levels, look up artic temperatures and compare them with previous WARM periods that were part of the cycle - then I will continue this debate. Until you understand global warming I don't see any point in arguing it with you.
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