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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
I find very little of SC to be useful any more, once I get through the top stories of the day and one time through the ticker at the bottom of the screen I am usually good. Too much of it has devolved into ESPN trying to make news rather than cover/report it.

I think its timeslot helps PTI out tremendously as well. It is on when folks are generally getting home from work and it is something you can have on in the background and not have to sit down and watch to get the gist and, at least around here, it has very little compelling programming to compete against. Once 6:00 rolls around we usually switch to the local news unless there is some sort of major story I want to hear about.
I think this reason is why they've basically started doing those ending bits of PTI (birthdays, big finish, what's on TV, etc.) and other PTI as part of the 6pm SC.
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