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Originally posted by Brian
What a tough weekend for Toronto...playing in Fenway and facing Pedro on Saturday then Schilling on Sunday. A 1-5 start isn't exactly what I was expecting, but hopefully they can bring the Tigers down to reality and gain some early ground.
The Pedro game was classic. Halladay looked pretty solid (not midseason form, though), just happened that Pedro was that much better that day (and went 7.2 innings).

Meanwhile, throw out Batista's first inning and he WAY out-pitched Schilling, who didn't have one of his best outings. Trouble for the Jays looked like--over the weekend, anyway--bullpen. I realize their bats had trouble last week, but it appeared they were waking up against the Sox, against tough pitching, too.

The bright spot for the Sox was their bullpen, who had only one real problem child (Bobby Jones) and a pretty nice performance from Malaska-- the big club's only lefty.

If the Sox remain as hobbled by injury as they currently are (possible), the Yankees stay as mediocre as they are (not likely), the Jays will have plenty of opportunity to make some hay.

I think it's not a stretch to suggest that, at the outset, the AL East is damn competitive. If it remains even a three team race, Sox and Yanks will have severely underperformed. That said, it could easily be a four-team race heading into August, I think.

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