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Aside from being a good base stealer Pierre is not an ideal lead off guy. His OBP is horrendous for a lead off hitter and he really is more suited for the #2 spot as he is a good hitter and rarely strikes out. I know the Pierre going across town has been out there for a while, but I don't know how much of that was him expressing a desire to do it or borne more of the rumors that the Sox were interested in dealing for him when the Cubs were willing to listen to offers this past Summer. I am sure he ends up going to the highest bidder whomever that may be. Given that the Cards are probably going to be forced into pouring money into the rotation I don't know that they are going to have a lot to spend for a guy like Pierre.

I heard on the radio today that since the Yankees have discovered they won't get top pitching talent for Sheffield, what on Earth ever possessed them to think that is beyond me, they are going to make a run at Jeff Suppan. I fail to see how that significantly upgrades their staff. Suppan is not a top of the rotation guy and is best suited as a #4 guy at best. On top of that he also fits in better where he is not asked to do much and has a good bullpen to support him.

As for Soriano I read earlier today that the Cubs are interested in signing him to play Center Field which is going to be a disaster just waiting to happen. He was barely servicable as a Left Fielder as it was.
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