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Before the season, I'd've sait Pittsburgh... and somebody. Seattle looked as likely as any.

Now? AFC's hard to read. You've got to like San Diego... yeah, this could be Marty's year. So long as he doesn't take back control of the offense (lol).

Steelers... only a miracle. On the other hand, last year they became the first team ever to make it to the Superbowl without playing a single home playoff game... so miracles could still occur. There's definitely something wrong there, though... don't think it's Roethlisberger: most of those INTs came the first couple of games after he returned—both times he did. But the whole package is just not clicking.

Bengals—still dangerous; if they can just remember what they were last year, they'd frighten everybody. That, plus find some defense. What's up with that, kemosabe?

Colts—the little team that couldn't. Still. It seems strange to be able to say "this may be Marty's year" and have it sound more plausible than "this may be Indy's year," doesn't it? But without a defense, they won't make it to the big one. And if the last two weeks are any indication, they won't make it out of the wild card round.

Rest of the AFC—stick a fork in them, they're done. Only the Ravens look like they could make any kind of a run, and I doubt they'd make it past the aforementioned teams... though, again, Baltimore's been surprising, and is getting steadily better. Jets? Nice Cinderella story... not enough to go all the way. Miami? Same deal.

As for the NFC: the Bears. End of story. They've got everything they need... except a hot QB, and even Rex Grossman was hot at the beginning of the year; if anyone can figure out what happened there, Chicago will be unbeatable. A better running game would help, and that's something they probably ought to address in the draft. But everything else is somewhere between good and dominant; I think they run the NFC.

The only other team in the NFC that really deserves mention is the Saints. Everybody's surprise story... could they upset the Bears in the playoffs? Well... yes. They could—but I doubt they will. Still, Chicago's going to be mighty happy having home field advantage if it comes down to those two teams.

The Seahawks could be a spoiler... but, as with the Steelers, it'd take a miracle: they'd have to magically rediscover last season's form, and I don't think they've got the time left to do it. The Eagles... are better than most people realize—themselves included, which is part of the problem. But don't believe for a minute that losing Donovan McNabb and replacing him with Jeff Garcia has hurt them in the slightest: in the short run, I think it's even improved them—they're playing with a fire they hadn't been earlier in the year. And Garcia's a very good QB, even if he isn't McNabb (and won't be the starting QB once McNabb does return). If there's a spoiler in the NFC, it's probably here.

Bears vs. Chargers in the Superbowl? That'd be my first pick.
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