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Originally Posted by Marino13
One of my favorites was the dialogue between Kareem and Joey in Airplane
"Do you know what it's like to fall in the mud and get kicked in the head with an iron boot? Of course you don't. No one does. It never happens. It's a dumb question. Skip it..."

Your Kareem Adbul-Jabaar reference reminded me of Chevy Chase's Fletch, one of the most quotable movies of all-time:

Chief Jerry Karlin: So, what's your name?
Fletch: Fletch.
Chief Jerry Karlin: Full name?
Fletch: Fletch F. Fletch.
Chief Jerry Karlin: I see, And what do you do for a living, Mr. Fletch?
Fletch: I'm a shepherd.
Chief Jerry Karlin: Officers, could you excuse us for a few moments?
Fletch: Yeah, why don't you guys go down to the gym and pump each other.
Chief Jerry Karlin: Why are you doing this, Mr. Fletch?
Fletch: I like men. I like to be manhandled. I like you.

Originally Posted by grizzle_810
"that rug really tied the room together" ~big lebowski
"Shut the **** up, Donny."
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