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Well I knew that the Patriots had essentially no hope of making a deep playoff run this year months before the season even started, because of their schedule: The AFC East's being forced to play both the AFC South and the NFC South almost certainly meant that the AFC East's first-place team would not get a first-round bye, and its second-place finisher wouldn't be a wild card.

But the whole situation with the Colts and the Saints hearkens back to my long-standing argument that the pre-determined site of the Super Bowl needs to be dumped! With these quarter-trillion-dollar deals the NFL makes with the TV networks, there is more than enough money to go around - and don't try to deny it: Money is the only reason the Super Bowl is held at these "glamour" sites.

And think of the "integrity of the game" issue that may very well come up this year, if the Colts have the top seed in the AFC already wrapped up before playing a team that is fighting for a playoff spot (such as Jacksonville). But if the Colts were still battling the Saints and/or Vikings for home field in the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl should be hosted by the team with the better regular-season record (with the stipulation that in no case can a wild-card team host a division winner). It's only fair, and it keeps everybody honest.
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