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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
Dude, the problem with the notion that the team with the best record should host the Super Bowl will never work because you need more than two weeks to put an event of that magnitude together. If they were simply showing up to play the game it might work, but, the Super Bowl has become such a huge event that it takes months to plan everything. The league as well as the potential host city would lose far too much money if only given two weeks lead time.

But it's not an "event" - it's a football game! Just as the World Series is four or five or six or seven baseball games (and we all saw how a married woman was perfectly willing to commit both adultery and prostitution to obtain tickets for one or more of those games).

And you inadvertantly prove my point for me, by mentioning how the "host city would lose far too much money" - for this isn't about making money, it's about determining a sport's world champion!
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