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I think there's a very real chance of this being a defensive struggle. I think that the Pats have a distinct advantage from having been here before. While Fox was the Giants DC when the Giants went to the SB a couple years ago, how he handles this will count for a lot.

Fox actually surprised me last week. I thought his team would be tight, overwhelmed by the Philly fans, and the Panthers would buckle. Not so. Kudos to Fox.

As for scoring... I think there's cause to ask the question, but Vegas obviously doesn't see it being record breaking. And, it would indeed be tough to match the meager 21 points scored in SBVII. As a complete aside, the last time a team entered the SB on such a winning streak as that the Pats are sporting, was 1972, Super Bowl VII.

Will this game be boring? I suppose, to the casual fan, there's such a thing in the NFL. As long as the competitors are hitting (they're highly likely to here), and neither defense doesn't fold up for some wierd reason (unlikely), there's reason to think it could be a slugfest.

BTW, johnny... it's not modesty as much as it is having an understanding of how the game gets played week-in/week-out. The Pats have played just better enough than their opponents in the last 14 games to win... Chances are, they'll do so again... but one never knows with these things.

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