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I live in Pittsburgh which is the like the ghetto of hockey which means i am definitely for a change(salary cap, revinue sharing, etc) because I know that without some or all of those happening the penguins will migrate out Pittsburgh and go somewhere else. But that doesnt mean I dont see what the players are seeing. In '94 the owners said that they would not give in to the players and they were willing to have a lockout. If you remember though, the season was postponed in the beginning but the owners gave in let the players have what they want. Lets remember its not the players' fault for the NHL getting out of hand. After all it is the owners who are willing to pay exorbitant prices for these athletes. This year the players probably think the owners will bluff and then back down again. The owners lost all credibility by backing down in '94, and now, unfortunately, all hockey fans will most likely have to deal with a lockout.
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