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Nano has plastic covering and is more prone to scratches than that Mini because the Mini had alumnium covering. The Nano screen malfunctions have also been well documented.

There is no incentive for people who own a 4G color iPod to upgrade to the video 5G iPod. The video content Apple has provided is too low to view on a computer monitor or even a TV. You can't even fly across the country and watch a movie on your iPod, not only because there are no movies available on iTunes video store but because even if there were, the battery only lasts 2 hours and most movies are more than 2 hours long. I do not watch Lost or Desparate Housewives and why would you buy a series on Apple's DRM program when you can only watch it on your iPod, or computer? You can't really back them up because you can't even burn them onto a CD or DVD. Why wouldn't you pay $10 more so you could watch these episodes anywhere? And how big of a fan do you have to be to warrant not paying $10 more in 6 months when it comes to DVD just so you can see the same episode the day after it airs?

And you can't even put your own DVD movies on your iPod, at least with software provided by Apple.

I love my 3G iPod. I love it so much that I was really considering buying an iMac or iBook in the near future and was DEFINITELY going to buy a new iPod within the next 6 months. And the new iMac has some really cool new features in addition to what I think is already a solid system but announcements like Wednesday's from Apple remind me to keep a level head and not be TOO tempted by Apple. Their products are still overpriced and if you want to upgrade or do anything with your Apple computer you have to play by their rules. And quite frankly their rules for the video iPod are horrible and they did not innovate enough on their video iPod as was widely speculated. I won't be upgrading my iPod next year unless they show me some real improvements.

Don't get me wrong it was a step in the right direction but there's really no incentive for current iPod owners to upgrade, especially if they have a 4G. The only thing you are buying when upgrading is the bragging rights to say you can play video on your iPod because really, how much are you going to use that feature. They also didn't upgrade storage capacity (20 --> 30 GB not a notable jump; the high end limit hasn't changed) and battery life is worse on the 30GB version.
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