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Default Election Day

Political opinions to the forefront, today is election day and we all have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote.

If you voted, who'd you vote for? What races are you most likely to follow today?

I voted last week with an absentee ballot for PA...Voted for Bob Casey Jr for senate...mainly because I dislike Santorum a whole lot. I did not vote for Casey in the primary, but I think he'll be fine. Voted for Ed Rendell as Governor, which was an easy thing to do. Lynn Swann seems a nice enough guy and I hope he runs for something like Congress in a Republican district in a couple of years. On my local races, I voted for a couple of democratic candidates that I don't know a whole lot about, but my dad has done some work for and my mother says the one lady is nice, so, hey, she can go to the statehouse. Had a ballot referendum asking if the Commonwealth should be indebted 20million to pay some bonus checks to veterans of the first Gulf War. Said no to that.

Michigan has some interesting ballot options, as voters are voting on eminent domain, affirmative action and dove hunting.
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