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First let me say, that is a very solid and well-thought argument.

Much of what you say I agree with on some level. But let me specify my stance on socialism.

Most "liberals," I believe, are not for all-out redistribution of wealth to the point of complete eqaulity. I am for more governmental control of the economy, but that hardly eliminates incentives for success. Would you still like to be the CEO of a major corportation if you made 10 million a year instead of 50 million? Would you still want to be a doctor if you made 250K a year instead of 500K?

Basically, I would like to see the very wealthy (top 5%) taxed at a much higher rate than the other 95% of us.

Futhermore, we do live in a semi-socialist society. We have many socialized programs and governmental restrictions on commerce. We have unions and various worker's rights that are fundamental to socialist theory. Our economic system's relation to the government is slightly capitalist and slightly socialist.

Socialism feeds, clothes, and shelters children in poverty every day.

Socialism got us through the great depression.

Socialism was adopted with a fatal mistake in the Soviet Union and China. They skipped capitalism - and went from feudalist to socialists over-night, which could never work.

The US has, for the most part, adopted socialism at an appropriate rate.

Universal health care does work in other countries. Every western nation with universal health care has a longer life expectency than the US. In the US we pay more per capita for health care than any other nation in the world, yet the results don't match the cost. Our health care system is a catastrophe. We limit the number of medical schools, and doctors in America. We have the ability to treat people - the funds, the eqipment, the doctors, the time, ALL THE RESOURCES - yet we deny them because "they can't afford it..." How can that be okay with you?

Maybe universal health care isn't the best option... But it is better than our current system. Any system that denies millions of people life saving treatment because of money is immoral and completely unethical. If you don't want universal health care, then please propose a way to treat every American in need of treatment.
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