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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
What are my other options? Not voting, or voting for someone who can't win. Either way, nothing changes.
Dear Lord, that's a defeatist attitude.

I would have to say with a major in history that you could & should have examples of how change has been wrought over time.

It's a symptom of this country in that if you can't see immediate results, it's not worth doing which couldn't be further from the truth.

Actually, as desperate as so many issues have become for the people of this country, the easier it should be to demand change & ultimately get people off their asses to vote it in. Both parties have done an outstanding job for so long in looking like double talking, inefficient clowns to help a 3rd party candidate to narrow the gap a little. Only by voting for the people...& yourself, will you influence anything. Plus, as the major parties see the shift each election, you'll find them react by mysteriously 'adopting' a lot of the 3rd party views to win back votes.

So nothing happens overnight but refusal to do anything but follow the herd will bring more of the same & ultimately worse...

I'm not sure if that is necessarily true - it is probably true, but not definitely true.

Once a party is entrenched in office with no outright competition, the promises go by the wayside only to make a cameo appearance at the upcoming next election to try & keep their candidate in office.

The most ridiculous part in this system is the amazing amount of time politicians are in office but actively campaigning to stay in office or help their next choice to be voted in. It's part time politician for the people & part time campaigner for the party.

I still believe that the system can be changed little by little. In my view, Barack Obama is better than George W. Bush. If he is elected, and people see a little change, maybe they will elect somebody better than him - and so on.

Call me naive, I know you will, but I don't think that is such a far fetched idea.
I'll by-pass the 'naive' comment but point out that 'strategy' has been a staple in most people's style of voting when it comes to the major parties. Once again, settling for 'less damage' while 'wishing' for better treatment.

So what is your solution?
For people that love the pomp & pageantry of "The Big Race"? Quit voting on party lines & start voting for the outright health of the government/people even if it means taking a go with a lessor known candidate who at least hasn't the stench of the Elite Blue Blood party compromises that are always evident.

Secondly I would ask - do you think any president, or senator, or any elected person - has ever done anything to improve the lives of Americans?
It's not as tho there isn't ever any good in this country's Government, it's all the waste/contradictions that are abundant that negates progress of any sort. Good stuff usually is nothing but leverage to stay in office for the parties. It's called 'Big Business' & any who think in a capitalistic society that somehow that Government is for all the people should go back to school & bone up on how history is boning them...
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