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Actually, as desperate as so many issues have become for the people of this country, the easier it should be to demand change & ultimately get people off their asses to vote it in.

This is the part of the argument I don't really buy. Because...

I would have to say with a major in history that you could & should have examples of how change has been wrought over time.
You can take all of those examples and look at the landscape behind them and see that they are drastically different to the current landscape in the United States.

People mention change and talk it up, but I think for the most part people understand that it's change within a set of conditions that aren't going to change a whole lot...and that people don't necessarily want to change a whole lot.

It's a symptom of this country in that if you can't see immediate results, it's not worth doing which couldn't be further from the truth.
With regards to voting specifically, then it's a symptom of this country from early on. As CK mentioned 3rd party success in this country is very limited, especially in the Presidential election.

For myself personally, I believe in trying to make the Democratic party better rather than leaving it behind. I don't believe what CK is throwing out about the lesser of two evils and I believe that a strong democratic party can lead to a strong nation more so than anything else that I've seen presented in terms of how we should shape the country.
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