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Originally Posted by grizzle_810 View Post
this was a nice victory for the pro-life side. unfortunately, "normal" abortion will remain routine. but, it's a step in the right direction.
I think this is a step in the right direction for everyone, pro-life and pro-choice. Let me explain. I think MOST pro-choice people, such as myself, find abortion disgusting. It is not that we WANT abortion, or approve of the practice. It is simply a necessary evil in a free society. The type of practice that was eliminated accounts for less that 1% of all abortions. It was a gruesome pracitce that should be illegal.

It is important that we continue to grant women the right to choose in terms of medical decision. It is not the place of the US government to make medical decisions for individuals. At the same time, we need to work to make abortion THE LAST option, and more difficult to obtain. In addition, we need to work to make unwanted pregnancies less likely. This includes teaching safe sex and abstinence to all students in highschool to empower the students to make the safest decisions.
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