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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
Does anyone find it disrepsectfull (for lack of a better word) that LeBron is pretty open about wanting to go to NY?

I understand the guy can do what he wants, and he chooses where he wants to play. But.... I don't know... if I was a Cleveland fan I'd be like "WTF???" Usually when someone goes public about wanting to play for another city they are run out of that town? I know its hard to turn your back on the best player in the NBA and its not like he's a bad guy or being a punk about it in any way. And I guess he really hasn't gone "public" - but come on, we all know whats up.

You'd think Cleveland fans would be a little annoyed about his loyalty? Again - not saying he owes them anything - but this just seems a little out of character for LeBron.

Your thoughts?
I'm probably just being ridiculously in denial here, but I don't think he has said anything TOO out of line. He has said that more than just the Knicks and the Nets are in the running in 2010, and he has never said anything amounting to, "No way am I re-signing with Cleveland." He has done nothing to make me think he is dissing Cleveland (well, the Cavs at least; he dissed the Indians by wearing a Yankees cap to an Indians/NYY playoffs series).

Don't forget too that he grew up in the Cleveland market. It's his lifelong home, born and raised. If the Cavs can win a championship, free up some cap space and make some canny moves (which I think they have already done a bit with Wallace and Mo Williams), and the right friends and family members tug him the right way...I'm not optimistic, but I haven't completely given up hope.

And I'll still have a silver lining if he does leave: He is and will always be a big supporter of the University of Akron (I'm from Akron, as is Lebron, if you don't know), where several of his high school teammates went (and had a great run with), and that has made an impact on recruiting. In fact, next year, the Zips have a top 50 recruit coming in, the highest-ranked signee ever for a MAC school.

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