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Tito has horrible standup and has never KOed anyone in his career, all his stoppages are ground and pound TKOs. Rashad in the past has shown heavy hands and much better striking than Tito (which isn't saying much, Tito is that bad). Regardless of height, I'm pretty sure they both have the same reach.

That said, Rashad's conditioning is sub-par. He wasn't able to finish Tito because he got tired, and he completely gassed out against Bisping. Bisping actually dropped to MW this week cause he's soo undersized, but Bisping has a lean build and doesn't really have any choice. Rashad on the other hand has a much bulkier bodytype, and could easily put on muscle and loose some of that babyfat he still carries around. I don't see Rashad taking a rematch with Tito, because Tito clearly controlled the first round of that fight until he aggravated his back. Rashad was really unimpressive in that fight. I mean, it was a draw, and it was only a draw because Tito go subtracted a point for holding the fense. Tito was winning that fight 29-28, til he grabbed the fence. If Tito ever gets 100% healthy, he could still make a run at the belt.

I really don't see Rashad or Bisping doing anything in LHW or MW. Niether of them will ever be champions most likely.

I'm pretty psyched about he GSP vs. Hughes III. Should be a good fight. Hughes sounds like he's going to be smart this time and do to GSP what he did to BJ Penn in their second fight, just relentlessly go for the takedown and win the positional battle.

Chuck vs Wandy will show who needs to retire and who still has 1 more title run left in them.

Lyoto vs Sokoudjou should be good too, though I think Soko may be over rated, and Lyoto is still a boring fighter.
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