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I'm leary of the comparison at this point. I, like you, Purple, regard Joe Cool as one of the greatest QBs of all time, and I think without a doubt, the greatest QB whose career I saw from start (I may not have noticed his year one) to finish.

But, there are significant signs, barring a physical or psychological (drugs) problem, that Brady can surpass a number of those other QBs you note.

I've never been a huge Marino guy. I know it was never his fault that he had no RB or defense, but how much of his huge contracts could have been used to put money toward such if he'd gone to management and suggested that they do something useful with some of his money? No, it's not his responsibility, but if he wanted to win so badly...

I think franky's right on it being too early to talk about Brady in such a light. Favre's ticket to greatness is punched by one Super Bowl and longevity, an MVP award (or two, though I'm not sure)

Brady has yet to take an NFL MVP award. Seems he needs to do that. I think he got dissed this year, btw. To get into Montana comparisons, Brady needs at least one more SB victory, but I don't think he has to be MVP (wouldn't hurt, though), at least one NFL MVP award (if the Pats continue to rely on him in the close ones next year, I think he'll be a bigger vote-getter; somehow, no one noticed the Pats this past season till the playoffs started), and probably get his overall passer rating up. This is debatable, I suppose.

Brad, your turn to tell us what Brady needs to accomplish, if it's at all possible, to be rationally compared to Montana.

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