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Well, johnny, there's never the right answer to "Who was the best ever?" (unless you ask Brad, who generally has strong and well-formulated opinions on such matters) at any position. I think people want to compare players over eras because, ultimately, they want to know where someone belongs in the pantheon of greatness.

Not to say that such suggestions aren't jumping the gun. I don't have trouble comparing Brady to Montana... in ten years, when Brady's career is over. And then... well, maybe the numbers and Brady cool will have by then surpassed what Joe did. Of course, I'll always love Joe more, because he was my first. Hero QB, that is.

And, meanwhile the local yahoos are comparing this Pats team with the '72 Dolphins, and arguing that this might be the greatest team ever, I generally have been shaking my head.

I would take this team against the '72 Fish, but I don't think I'd take them against the '70s Steelers, the '80s 49ers, or even the mid '90s Cowboys. Comparing teams across eras is an even trickier feat, because of the differences in gameplay, rules, and athletic prowess, not to mention the money which motivates many a mercenary athlete.

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