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Default Re: Brady and Montana

Originally posted by PurpleReign009
I think Brady is well on his way, but I wouldn't put him there quite yet. He's on par with, say, Elway or Marino...possibly (as a Vikings fan, this pains me to say) Favre.

I would still rate Joe and Bradshaw and Aikman ahead of Brady, but he's close to being on that list.

Thoughts? Opinions?
Brady on a par with Elway, Marino, or Favre? He's not even close. And Aikman is the most overrated player in NFL history, but I'll still put him ahead of Brady for now. btw, lest I be accused of bashing Tom, he was my choice for league MVP this year.
Originally posted by MountaineerDave
Well, johnny, there's never the right answer to "Who was the best ever?" (unless you ask Brad, who generally has strong and well-formulated opinions on such matters) at any position.
Dave, thanks as always for the compliment. At one time I had a ranking of the top 50 QBs in NFL history, in order, for personal use. What I really pay attention to now is my Top 12, any of whom you could reasonably argue for greatest ever. I don't have a full list any more, but I know Brady wouldn't make the top 30 after three frickin' seasons in the league. Of course, neither did Kurt Warner, so what do I know?
Originally posted by MountaineerDave
I would take this team against the '72 Fish, but I don't think I'd take them against the '70s Steelers, the '80s 49ers, or even the mid '90s Cowboys.
Tough to compare dynasties and single-season teams, IMO. The '70s Steelers, for instance, are an easy choice over the Belichick Patriots, but I think the '03 Pats could give, say, the '74 Steelers a run for their money. Off the top of my head, I'm not inclined to regard this year's Pats as one of the ten best teams of the modern era (1946-pres).
Originally posted by Pimpbot
Brady ... Jim Plunkett
Thank you for saving me the comparison, Pimpbot. Brady will be far better when all is said and done, but right now Brady's résumé has about the same highlights as Plunkett's.

Is it premature for Montana comparisons? No. Brady, like Montana, has a gift for elevating his play in clutch situations. He has a great supporting cast, and he wins games. It's easy to see Brady's career being similar to Montana's fifteen years from now.

It is premature to say that Brady is already one of the greatest QBs ever.

And as far as ever being as great as Montana... very doubtful. Brady reminds me a lot more of Terry Bradshaw, Bob Griese, or Aikman than of Elway, Favre, or Roger Staubach.
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