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Originally posted by jonnyboone71923
With the system they have in foxboro, other qbs could be as successful.
Maybe Gannon. Maybe Fiedler (of all people!). Probably Pennington. Maybe Favre, but maybe not. Maybe Ramsey. Maybe Green, but probably not. Possibly Bulger, but probably not. Possibly B Johnson. McNair and Manning, seems like definitely, but never give Manning too much credit, I always say.

Definitely, without a doubt: Bledsoe CANNOT. Vick likely can't. Nor Carter, Harrington, or Brooks. Garcia, Hasselbeck, McNabb probably couldn't. Delhomme can't. Neither can Brees.

The point is this: Weis's system requires the quarterback to know two things:
1. How to accurately and definitively read defenses.
2. Checking the ego at the door, and going to the checkdown in almost all situations.

That's why Favre's only a maybe. Some QBs have a way they want to play the game. Bledsoe and Favre are guys who want to pick up big chunks of yardage in a single shot. That's fine if that's the game, but the Weis system doesn't rely on that game very often.

More importantly, the Weis system demands that the QB know where everyone is all the time, and to be able to read defenses FROM THE LINE and know nearly instantly where the coverage is weakest, and to zip the ball to that spot as fast as the play demands. Vick sometimes seems to have trouble spotting the safety, nevermind the middle linebacker. Bledsoe can't NOT throw to the deepest receiver every third play. (Mularkey should suit him well, actually...) Favre has trouble not launching the ball downfield when he should toss a checkdown to Green or Henderson. Harrington, Carter, Garcia all have the same deficiency in defense-reading that Vick has, but in varying degrees.

Many of the all-time great QBs could play in Weis's system, such as Montana and Elway. Some all-time greats might struggle in such a situation. I view Marino as very Bledsoe-esque when it comes to passing philosophy. In fact, going into Weis's system with a passing philosophy might be the first indication that a QB isn't suited for the system, and would likely not run it as successfully as Mr Brady.

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