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Proving itself? WTF is that supposed to mean? HAVE YOU WATCHED ANY GAMES OR KEPT UP WITH THE RANKINGS AND RECORDS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAC 10- Has 2 ranked teams at #2 and #15 both. Combined they have 1 win over a Top 25. Guess's USC over WSU. Let's see what else is so great about the PAC 10. They have 5 teams above .500 and 2 at .500. WOW THATS IMPRESSIVE!!! Damn they are good !!!

BIG 10 - Has FIVE ranked teams at #4, #8, #11, #12 and #25. 7 teams above .500 and one at .500.

It's down right AMAZING to me that someone actually thinks the PAC 10 is anything better than a mediocre conference.

BIG 10 choked away it's shots of proving itself?????? Again, get a television and read a newspaper. The Big 10 brought a title home last year and has 5 teams in the top 25, 4 in the top 15. 7 are difinitely going bowling and maybe a 6-6 NU.

There, did I make sense? Was I clear on why I think the PAC 10 SUCKS and is the worst major conference in the nation....

LIKE I SAID..........put USC in the Big 10 this year and they have at least 2 loses if not 3. But since they play in a MEDIOCRE conference they have a chance to go to the title game even tho LSU has had a much harder schedule.

Christ I hope the Beavers beat their ass and end this whole mess......................
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