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Default Best Regular Season Games This Year

With Week 17 this Sunday and the new year, it seems appropriate to do this thread.

Number 1 for me would have to be the SD-IND game last week, great comeback, a once unachievable record broken, and two very good teams as well.

Next I would have to say the Sunday Night game between the Jags and Steelers in Week 13. A physical game with two hard-hitting defenses and a game decided by a game winning drive from Big Ben.

The last in my list has to be the early-season game between Seattle and St. Louis in Week 5. Seattle looked like they were well on their way to 4-0, up by 17, only to collapse and be beaten in OT by a Bulger pass. That collapse also sent Seattle spiraling to a point where they never really recovered from the high level that they had been playing at.

Other games that were also very good were Dallas-Seattle in Week 13, Miami shocking New England in Week 15 and both Green Bay-Minnesota games.
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