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I looked into Vonage, the only US name that I know (there are others) a while back, but never bit the bullet. At the time, there was the issue with 911 (I don't know if that exists in Canada--I'm referring to the universal (US being a universe unto itself) emergency number, not the tragic date in September), and it not being supported that kind of creeped me out about VoIP. And our cell service isn't THAT reliable in the homestead. Not that our ISP is bad, but... don't want to be caught without the possibility of making an emergency call, anyway...

I may look into it again, though, and get new cell servcie that doesn't suck, since we've received our refund from our rich uncle. Vonage has a $15US/mo plan that would likely suit my family fine, if they support some reliable facsimile of E911.

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