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No-Use rallies to remain lone undefeated team

After four weeks of play in the round-robin phase of the World Organized Rocball Community League, No-Use remains as the lone undefeated team of the 2007-2008 season after beating the first-year players of the Try-Outs in their toughest win of the year.

Try-Outs is fast becoming the team to watch as it has been pushing veteran teams to the limit after finally ridding themselves of volleyball's rules of play and integrate successfully into the world's first offensive and defensive scoring team net sport.

In Rocball's quarter/set system of play, a regular game can end in four sets, if a team outscores its opponents in game points and wins the fourth set.

Try-Outs cut through No-Use's defenses in the first three sets-19-6, 20-15, and 19-7-and started the fourth set with a 30-point lead.

All Try-Outs had to do was win the fourth set to win the game and knock off the only undefeated team of the year with their first loss.

In Rocball, the fourth set separates the rookies from the veterans. The players of Try-Outs looked a little tired and maybe a little too comfortable for the thrashing they handed out to No-Use in the first three sets.

For its part, No-Use dug in, looked like they had found their resolve, and stopped Try-Outs from winning the fourth set and juice out.

No-Use won the fourth set, 20-16, and forced the game into overtime.

In overtime, or o-kon in Rocball, the team with the most points scored after four sets of play but failed to win the fourth set has the advantage.

Try-Outs had the highest score after four sets and only had to win one overtime set of 10 points or a goal to win the game. No-Use, meanwhile, had to win two overtime sets to win the game.

And No-Use did just that, winning both OTs, 13-7 and 11-9, to remain unscathed in the competition.

The heavy hitter of the game was Ichnis Kapwich of No-Use with three aces, a xunk, three kees, and a goal for 17 points. The heavy hitter for Try-Outs was Larry Sharry with three aces, two xunks, and three kees for 16 points.

There were 19 aces, seven xunks, 12 kees, and four goals scored. Try-Outs made a block, two digs, 11 kills, three saves, and three shank serves. No-Use made three blocks, three kills, and seven shanked serves.
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