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Naturals beat Evenflow in overtime

With the round-robin phase of the 2007-2008 season of the World Organized Rocball Community League ending next week, No-Use is the only team remaining undefeated.

There currently is a three-way tie for second place with No-Mercy, Try-Outs, and Evenflow with identical 3-2 win-loss cards each, and a two-way tie for third place with Naturals and Local Boys sporting 2-3 records each.

The last two teams, Islanders and Malat, are out of competition and don't have a chance for playoff spot.

Last Saturday night at the Marianas High School Gymnasium, Naturals won its second game in overtime game and knocked Evenflow out of sole possession of second place.

Naturals started the game against Evenflow with a shank serve that allowed Evenflow an unearned rally point and the lead.

Evenflow capitalized on Naturals' error and scored a 3-point goal off volley on their first serve. Evenflow went on a scoring spree that took them to an 18-11 set point.

Naturals came back and played aggressively at the net with three consecutive kills, some good defensive saves, blocks, and more kills, and a goal to come from behind and tie the set at 18-all.

Both teams served for set point twice before Evenflow hammered in a goal as the service team at set point and won the set, 23-20.

In the second set, Evenflow had the momentum and went on to beat the Naturals 19-13 and were leading in game points, 42-33, at the send of the second set.

But in the third set, everything seemed to go wrong for Evenflow. The team was coming off the backcourt for the 2-point plays, but the ball was not coming down in the court.

Evenflow's kee shots were going over and off court on both sides of the goal and as a result, Naturals were back at the net striking down one kill after the other.

Naturals demolished Evenflow in the third set, 19-5, and took the lead in game points, 52-47.

In the last set of regular play, Evenflow needed to win the fourth set with a six-point margin to juice out. Naturals only had to win the fourth set and juice out (win).

Evenflow had the opportunities to win the fourth set by juice-out but they played like they were nervous and made three shank serves.

Naturals did what was working best for them and continued to aggressively attack at the net and despite Evenflow's best efforts in winning the fourth set, they were only able to win it by three points.

Evenflow won the fourth set with the least amount of game points scored and Naturals lost the fourth set with the most game points scored.

That effectively threw the game into overtime, which Evenflow has never lost in.

That was not the case last Saturday, however, as Naturals stopped Evenflow in the first overtime set, 11-3, for their second win of the season and an outside chance to make the playoffs.:thumbup:

The heavy hitter of the game was the beach volleyball MVP Typhoon Saito of Naturals with a xunk, five kees, and a goal for 15 points.There were seven aces, two xunks, 13 kees, and four goals scored.

Naturals made a block, three digs, nine kills, three saves, and two shanks. Evenflow made two blocks, two kills, three saves, and three shanks
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