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Originally Posted by KevinBeane View Post
In my time away, I forgot what a great historian Anthony is. Who is Tex Antoine, and why was his flap imfamous? Tell, tell!

Tex Antoine was a weather reporter for WABC-TV, Channel 7; in the 1960s he crafted a distinctive persona known as "Uncle Wethbee."

In the summer of 1971, the greater New York area was plagued by several consecutive days of unusually wet weather, prompting Antoine (who had discarded the "Uncle Wethbee" identity by then) to remark that the weather was "like rape - you can't do anything about it so you might as well enjoy it."

Well the feminists hit the roof - and they were at the very height of their shrillness during this time, particularly in and around New York (it was right around then that a group of them occupied the Statue of Liberty and had to be forcibly removed - an incident that received a spectacular amount of publicity). They demanded that Antoine be fired, and WABC swiftly caved in. About six years later, Antoine was found dead in his Manhattan apartment (never having secured steady employment since the firing), of an apparent overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol whose magnitude made it highly problematical for the medical examiner's office to determine whether it was suicide or an accident.

And since you're no longer "away," Kevin, why not take a shot at the NFL pick'em contests, especially the Pointspread Contest, which Brad, Doug and Nate have all won first time out after lengthy absences - and hey, if I have to finish last again this week, it might as well be last of 8 or 9 instead of 5 or 6!
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