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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Has the definition of "poverty" changed at all?

In other words, do you think the 12.8% in poverty these days are in the same financial situation as the 12.8% in '68?

As an example, I know people who fit the definition of "poverty" who also own flat screen plasma TVs.
I'll get back to the first question later tonite but as for your second sentence...I find it interesting coming from you.

After all, when I told you that as a first-year teacher I technically qualified for food stamps/govt assitance therefore we shouldn't overreact to Obama's "food stamp childhood" you pretty much dismissed my comparison.

In any event, since the inception of the poverty index in the early 1960s the system hasn't been tweaked to a large extent. It has criticisms and has surely been manipulated by the folks we saw on the Big Stage yesterday to inflate/deflate their power plays but other than that...I'm fine with it.
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