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Originally Posted by jhuerbin88 View Post
Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress pleads guilty, to serve 2 years in prison - ESPN

I don't understand what the relationship between the NFL and the law is, but if somebody figures it out let me know. How does Stallworth serve 24 days out of a 30-day sentence for killing somebody while DUI and Burress has to spend 2 years in prison for shooting himself with a gun? What the hell?
Statutes and what the Prosecution can prove.

On Statutes, I don't know how the DUI manslaughter is set up in Florida, but, the original charge for Plaxico came with a mandatory minimum of 3 1/2 years.

Plaxico's case was much easier for the prosecution to prove than Stallworth's. Stallworth's penalty might not seem like a lot, but the case is just different in how it would unravel. It would have been a lot harder for Plaxico to win a trial than it would for Stallworth.

With Stallworth, there is a part in the law where, to be guilty of it, the drunkenness must have also led to the death. So, he would be able to make an argument at trial, that, yes, he was driving while intoxicated, but, if he had not been intoxicated, there is still a chance that the same accident would have occurred...or, at least, the prosecutor would have had to show more.
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