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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
I think another factor in Stallworth's case was he was able to pay the family enough money to go away and not stand in the way of the plea deal he reached.
Yeah, I think this is a good point as well. One of my clients this summer I got a plea deal for and it was a great deal. I'd like to say I was a good lawyer to get it, but, it was basically just the prosecution giving us a great deal and nothing I did. Anyway, after my client accepted the plea deal the victim complained to the prosecutors office about it, and all of a sudden the prosecutors office was pissed off about my client not getting sentenced long enough. So, they definitely take into consideration factors of the victim and community. A lot of offices will push their caseload based on catering to the victim quite a bit, which brings a lot of problems.

But, yeah, there are tons of factors that go into things where it's not as cut and dry as Stallworth killed a dude, Plax just shot himself. The legislation in Stallworth's case is basically a tack on to drunk driving. Burress is dealing with an NY/NYC legislature that considers carrying guns the way he did a huge societal problem. I dislike the idea of mandatory minimums and I think his penalty was quite severe, but I just don't like the comparison to Stallworth's situation.
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