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Originally Posted by xxMURPHxx View Post
3 1/2 mandatory minimum- means "minimum" and I'll bet the average"Joe" off the street ,that carried and discharged a gun in a nightclub .....would get every bit of the 3 & 1/2years...
Nah, this wouldn't be the case, most likely.

Plaxico pled to a lesser offense, that didn't have the minimum. The average Joe off the street with the criminal record Plax had, or slightly more, most likely pleads to the lesser charge and doesn't get the 2 years.

Mandatory Minimums increases the amount of pleas and decreases the amount of trials. If Plax went to trial on his offense and is found guilty, than, yeah, the mandatory minimum is a minimum. But, a city like NYC, they want a lot of plea bargaining while also keeping the possibility that someone would go to jail for three 1/2 on the table.

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