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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I don't expect much from ESPN anymore. It's just a shame that they have no competition. The internet gives us plenty of alternative options for sports news, but unfrotunately there are no alternatives on TV.

This all started when they refused to cover the "Ron Mexico" story. This is just the latest in a long line of ESPN's attempts to protect their money-making princesses.
Yeah, it's a shame FOX Sports has always paled in comparison. ESPN has a monopoly on a sports broadcasting and it's bad.

ESPN is also refusing to cover the Erin Andrews story, but probably because she's an employee.

In terms of Roethlisberger, I don't know what to think. Star athletes are targets because of their fame and wealth, but they also may think that allows them to get away with anything. So I hope it wasn't true and seems out of character for him, but I just don't know...
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