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Default Silver Dragon's Week 10 Picks

Week 9 is done and gone, and we finally had a game that lived up to the NFL hype! New England remains undefeated, but not by a dominating victory as Indianapolis simply failed to hold on to their fourth quarter lead. So what have we learned this week? ďAny Given SundayĒ is the rule, not the exception, and New England isnít immortal. Granted they still stole away with the win, but they didnít make it look easy.

Ok, so last week I had another average week finishing 9-5, which really isnít too bad considering I was one of the few that dared to pick Indy for the upset. That brings my season totals to 79-51 (.608). I will be expecting a 14-0 week depending on whether or not my homer pick sinks or swims. Letís get on with Week 10.

Sunday, November 11th 2007

Open Date: Houston Texans(4-5), New England Patriots(9-0), New York Jets(1-8), Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-4)

Atlanta Falcons(2-6) at Carolina Panthers(4-4) 1:00 PM
In their last match up in Atlanta, the Panthers lost Jake Delhomme to injury as David Carr stepped in to preserve a victory on the road against this division rival. Even then the Panthers defense had difficulties slowing Joey Harrington who had been winless at that point. I think itís too bad for the Falcons that they lost Byron Leftwich before this match up because I would have given them a shot in that case. However, that isnít the case and it will be Harrington leading the Falcons in Charlotte, and although the Panthers have lacked enough fire to defeat the teams above .500, they should defeat the 2-6 Falcons.
Panthers rise above .500

Buffalo Bills(4-4) at Miami Dolphins(0-8) 1:00 PM
The first of two meetings for this team, Jason Taylor will look to revive the Dolphin defense in hopes that Cleo Lemonís arm and Jesse Chatmanís fresh set of legs can muster up a few extra lights on the score board in their favor. When you 0-8, youíre hoping for a lot! Iíve even heard rumors about John Beck finding his way onto the field, if not this week then soon. It all sounds good and well, but the Bills are rolling into town on a win streak that should have them frothing at the mouth for more. Marshawn Lynch may defeat the Dolphins alone out of the back field now that heís tasted his first NFL passing touchdown.
Bills continue to roll

Cleveland Browns(5-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers(6-2) 1:00 PM
Who would have thought that the Browns would be only one game behind the leading Steelers in the AFC North? Derek Anderson continues to hold Brady Quinn on the bench as his chemistry with Braylon Edwards is putting points on the board. With all the scoring this team has been rattling off, Jamal Lewis has re-familiarized himself with the end zone. But let us not forget that ďBigĒ Ben Roethlisberger and company devastated Cleveland in their season opener. Granted Anderson didnít start, but he was behind center before the end of the half. I predict that Cleveland will put up more of a fight this week, but the outcome will remain the same as long as Ben is able to play this week.
Steelers remind the Browns why they are still only second in the AFC North

Denver Broncos(3-5) at Kansas City Chiefs(4-4) 1:00 PM
As a Bronco fan, I was less than thrilled after hearing that we had acquired Patrick Ramsey as a back up for Jay Cutler. Now that Cutler may be out with an injury (thankfully a bruised leg, not broken) and after Ramseyís failure to produce ANYTHING against Detroit until the game was a complete loss, I find it difficult to find any hope for Denver as they travel into Arrowhead stadium this week. The Bronco defense has also failed in their attempt to be productive this season. Yet, as a Bronco homer I find it against my morals to pick the division rival Chiefs to win. If Ramsey starts, Iím likely to lose this pick, but if Cutler returns I will retain a glimpse of hope.
Itís all about the homer! Denver wins.

Jacksonville Jaguars(5-3) at Tennessee Titans(6-2) 1:00 PM
In their first match up, Chris Brown ran wild over the Jacksonville defense and helped Vince Young lead their team to a close victory on the road. This week, the Titans look as if they will still be missing Brown in the line up as they bring the rematch to their own home field. If the Titans wish to sweep the series between this division rival their defense will need to find a way to contain Maurice Jones-Drew. If they accomplish that, then I see a Titan victory.
Titans continue to chase in the shadow of Indianapolis

Minnesota Vikings(3-5) at Green Bay Packers(7-1) 1:00 PM
I would think that most individuals watching this match up will rest the outcome on the shoulders of Brett Favre and his ĎGunslingerí throwing style. If heís on, his arm will lead the Pack to victory, but if heís off, they will surely fail. Personally, I think the key to the game is going to rest on the legs of Adrian Peterson. If Green Bayís defense can hold him under 100 yards they should sweep their match ups with the Vikings, but if Peterson goes off on them as he has done against Chicago and San Diego the Vikings will steal a victory out of Green Bay.
Packers defense holds as Favre leads another victory

Philadelphia Eagles(3-5) at Washington Redskins(5-3) 1:00 PM
I would have never guessed a close game for Washington last week. I was certain they were dominating enough to put that one in the bag. Had they put away New York with ease last week I would feel confident in a victory over the Eagles this week. Now I have some doubts. Can Clinton Portis out produce Brian Westbrook? Which Donovan McNabb will we see this week, the one Philly loves or the one that has us shaking our heads? I think that as long as Jason Campbell can pitch a touchdown or two without an interception the outcome will go in favor of the home team.
Redskins take a home win

St. Louis Rams(0-8) at New Orleans Saints(4-4) 1:00 PM
Jacksonís in, Jacksonís out, the Rams will be hoping that Steven Jackson will be returning this week for their trip to New Orleans. They simply havenít been able to get anything to go their way this season. Now they must take on the Saints, who have found their ĎAí game. Drew Brees and Marques Colston have found their rhythm and Reggie Bush is trying to show that heís all the Saints need in the back field with Deuce McAllisterís absence. Honestly, I think itíll take more than just the return of Jackson for the Rams to win, they need a miracle. Sorry, I donít think the Saints will be passing those out this week.
Saints dominate in the Superdome

Cincinnati Bengals(2-6) at Baltimore Ravens(4-4) 4:05 PM
I had been planning to pick the Ravens prior to the Monday Night game against Pittsburgh, but four turnovers in the first half alone? The Ravens canít seem to run up a scoreboard and the Bengals can. Itís been mostly the Bengals defensive failure to hold an opponent to a lower score than the Bengals offense. Even with their short comings, Iím not sure Steve McNair will be able to get it done for the Ravens. Of course, Iím guessing that Carson Palmer is going to be operating without Chad Johnson in this match up, T. J. ďWhoís Your MommaĒ should be able to pick up the slack.
Bengals bring more woes to Baltimore

Chicago Bears(3-5) at Oakland Raiders(2-6) 4:15 PM
Last year this game would have been a no brainer. This year I have questions as to whether or not the Bears can actually pull off this win. Brian Griese will have to keep his errors to a minimum against the Raiders defense that, by the way, isnít as good as they were last year. Then the Bears defense will have to contain the continually struggling Oakland offense, but the Bears defense isnít as good as they were last year either. Both teams are going through struggles, but I still think the Bears are more likely to walk away winners in this match up.
Bears manage a road win

Dallas Cowboys(7-1) at New York Giants(6-2) 4:15 PM
Oh goody, another divisional game that should be worth watching. Definitely not the same match up as Indy and New England, but the last time Eli Manning and Tony Romo faced off we saw a high scoring 35-45 game. That game took place in Dallas and the Cowboys walked away with the win. This game will be at Giant Stadium. Match Ďem up, Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress Vs Tony Romo and Terrell Owens and Brandon Jacobs Vs running tandem Julius Jones and Marion Barber. Hereís were I think the game will be determined. Both Defenses are giving up and average 5.9 passing yards per completion, but Dallas is only giving up 3.6 rushing yards per carry while the Giants are giving up 4.1 rushing yards per carry. In the first match up both quarterbacks threw four TDís, but only Dallas rushed for a touchdown.
Dallas brings an end to the Giants win streak

Detroit Lions(6-2) at Arizona Cardinals(3-5) 4:15 PM
I was one of the first to laugh when Jon Kitna guaranteed a 10+ win season going into preseason. Iím not laughing any more. As Kevin Jones continues to work his way back into the Lions game plan and Kitna continues to hit receivers Roy Williams and Shaun McDonald we have to at least entertain the possibility that 10 wins could be a very realistic number for this team. With six down and four to go, they will travel to Arizona and take on Kurt Warner and the less than stellar Cardinals.
Lions will be three away from the promised 10 win season after this game

Sunday, November 11th 2007, Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts(7-1) at San Diego Chargers(4-4) 8:15 PM
If Adrian Peterson can run wild on the Chargers defense, what will Joseph Addai do? At this point I think that the return of Marvin Harrison will be a bonus, but between Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark, Peyton Manning is still moving down the field and putting up points. The Colts will definitely be looking to rebound after giving up their win and undefeated season to Tom Brady in a fourth quarter comeback of fourteen unanswered points off the Wes Welker and Kevin Faulk receptions. The key to a Charger victory in this match up would be a return of the LaDainian Tomlinson of last year, a MUCH better performance from Philip Rivers, and do you think itís too late for the A.J. Smith to grovel at Marty Schottenheimerís feet and beg for his return? I always said Norv Turner was no good as a head coach. That was the Chargers biggest mistake.
Colts rebound in their race for a playoff rematch with New England

Monday, November 12th 2007, Monday Night Football

San Francisco 49ers(2-6) at Seattle Seahawks(4-4) 8:30 PM
At this point it should almost be safe to write off Shaun Alexander as a dominate running back in the NFL. He hasnít scored a touchdown since Week 2 and hasnít seen a 100 yard game since Week 3. In fact, his performance has been awful. Without a run game the margin for victory has rested solely in the hands of Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck will be hoping for the return of Deion Branch this week, but may have to continue working with Bobby Engram, who hasnít been bad, averaging 12.6 yards per reception and has three touchdowns. Good news for the SeahawksÖthey play at home and they host the 49ers.
Seahawks manage to remain atop the NFC West

And that finishes up yet another Week of NFL Picks. We pick apart, scrutinize, analyze, dissect, favor, add bias, mix facts, pull stats, and attempt to predict the outcome of every game, but parity always seems to find its way into an NFL week. So, I will conclude with the words of Giants defensive back, running back, and wide receiver Frank Gifford, ďPro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.Ē
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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Didnít break the bank on my comeback week, but I did go above .500. Week 9 finished 8-6 for me. Been a rough year, lets see if I can improve this week.
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Jacksonville Jaguars +5
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos +3
Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills -3
Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns +10
Pittsburgh Steelers
St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints -11
Atlanta Falcons +4
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins -3
Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers -6
Cincinnati Bengals +3.5
Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Bears
Oakland Raiders +3.5
Dallas Cowboys -2.5
New York Giants
Detroit Lions (Pick)
Arizona Cardinals
Sunday, November 11, 2007 Sunday Night Football
Indianapolis Colts -4
San Diego Chargers
Monday, November 12, 2007 Monday Night Football
San Francisco 49ers +10
Seattle Seahawks
Letís get these games going.
-Silver Dragon
:redhot: Silver Dragon Says:redhot:
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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