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Default My 2 rounder, with comments

I know its "pre-combine", and a little early still, so there will be players moving up and down over the next couple months.
Its feburary and what the hey,, I had a little time on my hands the past couple of weeks to put this together.
Please comment either good or bad as to how I filled your team needs based on board value at the time.
So here we go.....

1. Houston Texans Bush, Reggie, RB USC

With the hiring of Gary Kubiak as the new Head Coach it becomes more clear that Bush is the Texans guy. Bush provides a versatility that is nothing short of amazing. With Bush and Davis in the backfield, the Texans will be able to bring in a 1-2 punch like Kubiak used in Denver this past year. Many speculate whether Houston will trade down. It’s a tough decision to make. Bush is a once in a lifetime prospect and could be the best college football player ever to enter the draft but the Texans biggest need is with the offensive-line. D’Brickashaw Ferguson would look nice as the “football” pick but the ability of a Reggie Bush is just to much to pass up.

2. New Orleans Saints Leinart, Matt, QB USC

I’m pretty confident on this pick. The Saints are looking for a QB that can come in and start right away. Leinart is that guy. Leinart who is a Heisman Trophy winner and a proven winner is the most ready NFL QB in this draft according to most football people. Sean Payton the new coach is great when it comes to developing quarterbacks and I expect him to get Leinart ready ASAP. The tools are in place. Joe Horn is a great receiver and McAlister is a proven runner that needs to stay healthy. New Orleans needs to address their defense in the later rounds and could be taking huge strides in turning things around faster than most expected.

3. Tennessee Titans Young, Vincent, QB Texas

No one has more hype around them than Vince Young. As good as Reggie Bush is most people have fallen in love with Young after the Rose Bowl. The hype is as high as it’ll ever be which is why Young made the right move in coming out. Young is a bit of a raw project for the NFL and might not be ready to come in and start right away because he’ll need to adjust to the formations in a regular NFL offense. Primary being a shotgun only quarterback Young dominated when he was on the field. I believe Young has the size, speed and most importantly the arm to change the position forever. Young could end up being a teammate with Steve McNair for a season. McNair has been Young’s mentor and sort of a father figure to him since his sophomore year in High School. This is a match made in heaven for both sides.

4. New York Jets Ferguson, D'Brickashaw, OT Virginia

The Jets have many glaring needs. The offensive line needs to be tuned up. Quarterback is a problem and they need to find a future running-back. With Bush, Young, and Leinart all off the board the Jets elect to go with the best player on the board in my opinion. D’Brickashaw Ferguson is that guy. Ferguson would of likely been the top tackle taken if he had come out a year ago but decided to stay in school and work on his technique. Ferguson is compared to Orlando Pace by many scouts. Some say he has potential to play at level as high as Pace or that of a Jonathan Ogden. Ferguson could become the cornerstone on the Jets line for many years. Many scouts believe he’s the most NFL ready in the draft. The Jets could look at Jay Cutler here as well but with the opportunity to land a franchise tackle, I can’t see the Jets going elsewhere.

5. Green Bay Packers Williams, Mario, DE North Carolina St

The news I keep hearing is that Green Bay wants to trade KGB and might not offer enough money to resign free agent defensive end Aaron Kampman. Williams is the best defensive player in the draft on most boards and the Packers run a scheme that could make him a dominating force. Williams is a 6-7 290 and runs 4.6 40. He’s compared by many scouts to Julius Peppers. Green Bay will run former defensive coordinator Jim Bates’ scheme. Hiring Bob Sanders the former defensive line coach and Bates’ wing man makes it more clear that they may go in this direction. Their scheme lines the ends up wider than most and at an angle. Williams gets off the ball fast and was a sack artist on North Carolina State. His big flaw is he doesn’t give it all on every play. Many Packer fans might be thinking Cledius Hunt all over again but to calm your souls he’s a far superior athlete than Hunt and is probably a better player already coming out of college. The Packers could consider AJ Hawk as well here. They are rumored to want to trade down and take either Haloti Ngata or LenDale White. One thing that seems to be clear. If Mario Williams is on the board when Green Bay Picks. He’ll be a Packer.

6. Oakland Raiders Hawk, A.J., OLB Ohio St.

The Raiders big need is pretty clear and that is linebacker. Hawks is the top linebacker in the draft. He runs a 4.5 40 and has great size as well. He works hard and has a motor on him that never shuts off. He plays the game with great intensity as well. The Raiders would be fools to pass him up but with Al Davis you never know. With the hiring of Art Shell who is a defensive minded guy it seems that they would look for either Mario Williams or AJ Hawk which ever one Green Bay doesn’t select. The Raiders defense has been pretty bad the past 3 seasons. Given up big plays when it counts most. They play in one of the toughest divisions in football that has 3 teams in the Broncos, Chargers, and Chiefs that have very solid offenses. If Hawk is off the board I expect to see them take Mario Williams if he‘s on the board. Jay Cutler could be the sleeper pick here as well. Oakland did use a 3rd round pick on Andrew Walter from Arizona State a year ago but he didn’t see any playing time last season when he could of used it making it more likely that he might not be the future quarterback of the Raiders. If Oakland does pick #6 though they are expected to go with the best defensive player on the board and that would be AJ Hawk at this point.

7. San Francisco 49ers Williams, DeAngelo, RB Memphis

The 49ers have many needs. This team probably should be picking higher but with wins in their final two game they will end up picking 6 or 7. Alex Smith had a horrible year and with the lack of a consistent running threat he suffered. DeAngelo Williams is the most productive player in this draft. Holding the division 1 record for total yards from scrimmage Williams is versatile enough to be a threat out of the backfield and elusive enough to give them a home run threat. Kevan Barlow didn’t live up to any hype and is likely going to be cut sometime in the off-season. While Frank Gore showed he could be productive, he suffered from many injuries in college at Miami. Gore cannot be relied on. Someone too look out for here is LenDale White. With a solid combine White could project as high as a top 5 pick. If AJ Hawk fell to them somehow they would be fast to snag him and work him out as an inside Linebacker in Nolan’s 3-4 scheme. The 49ers are also rumored to want to trade down because they have so many needs. Right now though Williams is a top 10 pick and has good value at pick 7. In my opinion the best way in developing a young Quarterback is having a consistent running threat and Williams is arguably the most consistent back in the draft.

8. Buffalo Bills Ngata, Haloti, DT Oregon

The Bills ranked near the bottom in the NFL when it came to stopping the run and the main reason was because they lost their big guy in the middle, in Pat Williams to free agency. Haloti Ngata is the best defensive tackle in this draft and he‘s big. Ngata who weighs in at 335 pounds is what the Bills need into restoring their defense. Buffalo is a team in a mess right now. With last year looking like they could of taken a step into challenging New England for the division they took a major step back because of the play of first year starter in JP Losman. Offensive Tackle could be something too look at if Ngata is off the board. Someone like Winston Justice would make sense here as well. If Ngata is on the board though it would be hard for Buffalo to passing him up. With Pat Williams in the middle the Bills had one of the best defenses in the NFL without him they dropped to the bottom half in the NFL. Ngata could be the replacement they need to help restore a nasty defense to Buffalo under new Head Coach Dick Jauron.

9. Detroit Lions Huff, Michael, S Texas

The Lions have spent first round picks on receivers the past 3 seasons. Only Roy Williams showed that he can get it done at the NFL level but injuries have slowed down his progress. Quarterback is a need but I believe that Matt Millen will invest into finding someone in the free agent market or trading for someone. Names like Matt Schaub and David Garrard come to mine. So I look at a weak secondary that needs improvement. Huff is arguably the top Defensive back in the draft and is one of the hottest prospects at this time. He can play either corner where he would be an upgrade over Andre Goodman or he can play free safety where he would be an upgrade as well. His versatility is something that is coveted now a days. What he also brings to the table is a 4.4 40 which is solid for any safety. Like I said above Quarterback could be the pick with Jay Cutler but ultimately I think Millen will keep Harrington and invest in someone like Matt Schaub who I think can be an NFL starter.

10. Arizona Cardinals Cutler, Jay, QB Vanderbilt

Kurt Warner is a free agent and likely will only play one or two more years. The Cardinals haven’t had a franchise Quarterback since maybe Jake Plummer but the pieces weren’t there. The running game was weak but once again I think Denny Green will stick with J.J Arrington and with Williams off the board I don‘t see Arizona going White or Maroney at this time. Cutler could blossom with Denny Green’s vertical passing attack with Fitzgerald and Boldin. Cutler has received many comparisons to Brett Favre. In fact one scout stated that Cutler is the closest thing to a future Brett Favre we’ve ever had. Some people believe Cutler could go as high as #4 to the Jets. Right now I see him as a borderline top 10 pick. Denny Green is tough to crack and I could see this being something he would pull on everyone.

11. St. Louis Rams Davis, Vernon, TE Maryland

The Rams have been all about offense since winning their Super Bowl back in 1999. With the hiring of former Miami and Viking offensive Coordinator Scott Lineham it appears they are going to stay in that direction. The Rams have been lacking a Tight-end for years now. Issac Bruce is getting up their in age and injuries slowed him down a lot this year. The need of a future #2 target is big. Davis is a physical specimen. At 255 he can run a low 4.5 40 and has even be clocked in at a mid 4.4. His strength is amazing and I consider him the Tony Mandrich of Tight-Ends. Although my opinion is he might be a little overrated there is no denying the Rams interest in him. Teams are looking for tight-ends that can stretch the field like an Antonio Gates. Davis does bring that to the table. Davis has a loads of potential that if it’s reached he will be an amazing player in the NFL but I consider him a boom or bust pick.

12. Cleveland Browns Greenway, Chad, OLB Iowa

The Browns have been building a young offense that looks promising but they hired Romeo Crennel to develop a defense much like New England’s. To do that they’ll need to fine a solid linebacker. Right now Greenway is projected as the #2 linebacker in the draft by most scouts, surpassing DeMeco Ryans because of solid Senior Bowl. Greenway has the size to play in the 3-4 at 245 and the speed to as well. At the Senior Bowl he showed great leadership during practices by barking out orders and pushing his teammates to give that extra effort. He plays the game with great passion and is the type of player that could be the cornerstone for the Cleveland Browns for years to come. The Browns could also look to find an offensive tackle as well. Someone like Winston Justice would make sense. I also wouldn’t rule out trading up for Ngata.

13. Baltimore Ravens Williams, Jimmy, CB Virginia Tech

The Ravens looked like on paper at the beginning of last season that they could of brought home the Lombardi Trophy but that was not the case. A team who in my opinion underachieved all year long has some weak spots in the secondary. Jimmy Williams who many believe to be one of the top defensive backs in this draft is versatile enough to play either free safety or cornerback. Obviously there is a need at free safety but Williams could replace Deion Sanders as the nickel back as well when they run certain schemes. Many believe Williams is a future shutdown corner. While I think it’s a little early to expect that much out of him he does have the potential like a former teammate at Virginia Tech in DeAngelo Hall had. If Williams is off the board than I could see Baltimore looking at Winston Justice. If they fail to sign Jamal Lewis then I could see LenDale White at this pick. Right now though Jimmy Williams is one of the best players on the board and he fills a need.

14. Philadelphia Eagles Hali, Tamba, DE Penn St.

The Eagles have many problems on and off the field. They could go in a couple of directions. With Hali on the board I don’t see them passing on him. Hali is a workhorse and is the #2 projected end in the draft. He would be an upgrade over Kalu and at worse would add quality depth. I wouldn’t rule out DeMeco Ryans either since an upgrade over Keith Adams and even Dhani Jones wouldn’t hurt. Santonio Holmes is a possible pick as well but I don’t see him as a top 15 pick. If they do decide to go receiver which is possible I would expect them to trade down. Ultimately though I like what Hali brings to the table. He’s an intense athlete that has a motor that keeps on going like the energizer bunny. He could add some size as well and has trouble with double teams but with Jevon Kearse on the other side that shouldn’t be too much of a problem and it’s something that can be worked on.

15. Atlanta Falcons Ryans, DeMeco, OLB Alabama

Ryans is constantly all over the field and would be a great upgrade over Michael Boley. Ryans was one of the leaders for the Alabama defense that ranked in the top 10 the last two seasons. He really emerged this season as one of the top linebackers in the nation. He could add a little weight to him as he only weighs a little over 230. The Falcons could also go with a defensive end as they don’t have much depth there at all. I could also see them adding to the offensive line as well. If Tamba Hali feel to them I would think they’d consider going with him. Though right now I believe Ryans would fill a need and come in and probably start right away. The Falcons had a bad year against the run and often missed tackles. Ryans is a great tackler and he has worked hard to get at this level.

16. Miami Dolphins Justice, Winston, OT USC

Though Saban prefers to draft SEC players like you saw a year ago the chance to add a solid tackle doesn’t come across very often. Winston Justice has all the tools to be a franchise tackle. Justice who has good size at 6-6 300 can play either tackle position. Saban has loved to run the ball a lot and you saw it with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams this past season. While Justice might not be up to the caliber of a D’Brickashaw Ferguson against the run he’s no pushover either. With the right coaching he could reach the type of level that many believe D’Brickashaw Ferguson will be at in a few years. Some thought he should of stayed in school and worked on his technique but he opted to come out as a junior. If Jay Cutler fell to them then he would most likely be the pick. Also Chad Greenway is very highly regarded by Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz who has a strong relationship with Saban.

17. Minnesota Vikings White, LenDale, RB USC

White has received a lot of mixed buzz. Some good and some bad. The Vikings who have hired Brad Childress to run a west coast offense as their new head coach are likely too look for a back that can run in between the tackles. Something Philly always lacked under Childress was a back that could do just that. The Vikings already have a versatile back much like Brain Westbrook in Mewelde Moore but they are likely to lose Mike Bennett and Moe Williams in the off-season. With all the questions surrounding Ontario Smith aka “The Whizzanator” I’m not sure if Childress will want to hang onto him either. White who some believe will go as high as #5 is said to have attitude problems and can be a little lazy but he does bring a load. He is the all time leader in touchdowns and USC. That’s saying something. At 235 he appears to be the spitting image of Corey Dillon but runs as hard as Jerome Bettis. While some believe he’ll go as high as #5 I don’ see that. With someone who is said to be lazy I can’t see him having a combine that will wow people. I look for him to be a mid first rounder and at 17 I believe that would be an ideal slot for him. The Vikings are said to be takers as well.

18.Dallas Cowboys McNeill, Marcus, OT Auburn

Dallas does have a few needs. Free safety needs work and while Ko Simpson might be the more appealing pick to most of the Cowboy nation he may not be the best. Bill Parcells would love to get back to his bread and butter and that’s running it for about 35 times a game. Now that he has two solid backs he needs to tune up on the left side. Marcus McNeil is a beast. 6-9 345 he is one of the biggest tackles in the draft. McNeil who isn’t extremely strong against the run but that can definitely be worked on, is very solid against the pass and could protect Drew Bledsoe’s weak side. Bledsoe who when he has time might be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL is often mistake prone when the pocket closes on him and he doesn’t have the legs to scramble out of there. McNeil who hasn’t allowed a sack in his college career was a finalist for the Outland Trophy which is given to the top lineman in the nation. While he has trouble staying low because of rumored ‘back problems” he is too much to pass up for the Cowboys who have a line that is not getting any younger. Plus Jerry Jones has had Cowboys scouts working with him extensively at the Senior Bowl.

19. San Diego Chargers Holmes, Santonio, WR Ohio St.

The Chargers could look at safety and offensive line as well but with a chance to land the clear cut #1 receiver in the draft I see them going for it. Holmes who has great speed can stretch defenses and take a short slant to the house. With Gates, McCardell, Homes, and not to mention LT the Chargers would be putting together an offense that would be awful scary on paper. That to go along with a solid young defense, the Chargers could be back in the Super Bowl race in 2006. This team has mainly built this team through the draft and I admire the job their front office has done. Ko Simpson could be a possible choice here but at this time I don’t think he is worth a top 20 selection. If either McNeil or Justice fell to them you would have to think they would spend sometime looking closely at those two. At this point landing the clear cut #1 receiver in the draft would have to make the front office and the fans very happy.

20. Kansas City Chiefs Watson, Gabe, DT Michigan

The Chiefs weakness has been on the defensive side of the ball for years now. While some think they should look at receiver I find it hard to pass on a top run stuffer like Gabe Watson. Watson who has just been a monster during senior bowl practices is the defensive tackle that might be able to take pressure off of linebackers Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson. Johnson and Bell who are linebackers that need to be able to fly around to the ball can’t afford to take on blockers one and one. The Chiefs lack a big sturdy body that could possibly take up two blockers and not allow the blockers to shed off of him and get one of the backers. Being the top run stopping defensive tackle in the draft doesn’t hurt your cause either especially when this team has to play LT, Lamont Jordan, and the Anderson/Bell combo six times a year. While Watson has a lot of potential he has his flaws. He had about an average senior season. He’s also said to be lazy and needs to be pushed to reach his peak potential. He’s also not an ideal pass rusher but he makes up for it in his ability to stop the run.

21. New England Patriots Lawson, Manny, DE North Carolina St.

The Patriots took a step back this season after winning 3 out of the last 4 Super Bowls including the last two. With Willie McGinest and Teddy Bruschi getting up their in age it’s time to find a replacement. I think Lawson is the best 3-4 Defensive end/linebacker in this entire draft. After his senior bowl outing he clearly passed Mathias Kiwanuka for the 3rd rated defensive end on most boards. New England has away of getting the best out of their players. Lawson who is a freak, can run in the 4.5 40’s would be a perfect outside linebacker for them. One thing they lacked this year was the outstanding depth they had in previous years. With Lawson they would have a future replacement for McGinest or he could even start in his rookie year. A freak of talent with tons of potential was often overlooked because of teammate Mario Williams. There are some people in the North Carolina State community that believe Lawson is the better player. They could also go with a defensive back to add much needed depth to that area and maybe find a new starting corner. Don’t rule out LenDale White if he fell to them or maybe even Laurence Maroney.

22. Denver Broncos Bing, Darnell, S USC

Right now this might be a reach but if Bing wows people like he’s expected to come workout and combine time it won’t be. The Broncos need for a strong safety is obvious but the need for someone who can provide a big play when John Lynch calls it quits is very overlooked. I believe Bing is one of the 3 best safeties in the draft. He has tremendous size at 6-2 220 and is always around the ball. In fact he reminds me a little of Troy Polamalu coming out of school. The Broncos could go in a number of ways. Some people have them trading up as high as pick #5 to draft maybe D’Brickashaw Ferguson. A lot of people have them going receiver with Derek Hagan in this pick. While that is a strong pick I believe they’ll look at receiver with their other round 1 pick. Hagan should be around at pick 29 as well. Denver could also look at offensive and defensive lineman as well. At this point though I think strong safety is their biggest concern and Bing is the best strong safety prospect in this entire draft.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Scott, Jonathan, OT Texas

Tampa’s biggest need is not a mystery. It’s clearly the offensive line. Jon Scott who had a solid senior bowl seems to have edged out Eric Winston for the 4th tackle in this draft at the moment. Scott who has great size has showed some inconsistency in the past which dropped his stock a bit. After the senior bowl and his good outing in the Rose Bowl it appears that he’s worth a first round pick and would maybe fall to round 2 if he has bad workouts. Right now predicting workouts is like predicting the 2009 NFL Draft. It’s just hard to say what some of these guys are going to do. Though it is kind of fun to do though. Tampa could also look at a tweener type of player in Manny Lawson or “Kiwi” if one of them is on the board. In the long run though the biggest need for the team in offensive tackle and this pick would make Carnell Williams put a big smile on. Don’t rule out trading into the second round and them going quarterback if they are unable to work things out with Chris Simms. Though right now I find that hard to believe.

24. Cincinnati Bengals Bunkley, Brodrick, DT Florida St.

The Bengals remind me and a lot of people like the 2003 Colts. Great offense but young and inexperience defense. Bunkley is very strong and has a good burst off the line. He gives you a quick penetrative force up the middle. The Bengals could also look at tight-end but right now I think their main focus needs to be on the defense side of the ball and the d-line as well. If Carson Palmer can get back to full strength I believe this team could be in the running for a Super Bowl title in a few years. I like to think of them as kind like the Cowboys of the early 90’s. Marvin Lewis much like Jimmy Johnson has really done a brilliant job in turning the franchise around. If they want to take the next step though they’ll need to do it by building their defense and Bunkley is a good pick to continue the trend.

25. New York Giants Simpson, Ko, S South Carolina

Ko Simpson is really an intriguing prospect at this time. If you ask South Carolina people they’ll tell you he’s a top 10 pick. While that is probably not going to happen what could happen is he goes as high as #15 to Atlanta. Now I’m not sure that’ll happen. He has a knack for big plays and can make a big hit but doesn’t have the quickest feet and may run a slow 40. To solidify a round 1 grade he needs to run good at the combine. While I think he’ll do decent I believe he falls in the 20-32 range in round 1. The Giants who have needs for defensive backs could use his services. He would definitely be a major upgrade over Brett Alexander and he could provide that big play for their defense. The Giants could also consider a Corner as well. Someone like Tye Hill or Antonio Cromartie would make good sense. A defensive tackle would be a good possibility too. Right now though I believe Simpson has is on of the best on the board and he’s a major upgrade to what they already have.

26. Chicago Bears Pope, Leonard, TE Georgia

The Bears remind me of the Steelers of a year ago. Solid defense, Young QB, and decent receivers. Now I’m not saying that the Bears will be in the Super Bowl next year but they do have a chance to be back in the playoffs next season. The one thing they need is to find out if Rex Grossman is their guy or not. Obviously we didn’t see anything out of him this year because he missed just about every game outside of 2 or 3 games this season. The one thing that will help his development is a big target down the field. Leonard Pope who is the 2nd rated Tight End on most boards is someone they seem to like and would make perfect sense like Heath Miller made for Pittsburgh a year ago. Pope has great size at 6-7 250 and can stretch defenses much like a Tony Gonzalez can. He is also a solid red zone option. The Bears also could look for a young receiver but they are high on Mark Bradley and Bernard Berrien. I could also see them going the best player available.

27. Carolina Panthers Maroney, Laurence, RB Minnesota

With the Panthers likely to cut Stephen Davis this year and Nick Goings in my opinion not being nothing more than a situational change the pace type of back, Carolina may look to address their running game this year. Now Deshaun Foster has shown signs of being a great back in this league but he’s inconsistent and often injured. He is also a free agent so he may not even be back. With Maroney on the board I’m not sure if I can see John Fox passing on a back who is as durable as Maroney has been. Maroney can carry the ball over 30 times a game and he did it many times at Minnesota. He has great break away speed and runs with a purpose. He’ll provide a home run threat to a team that needs some help on offense to take pressure off of Steve Smith. This is my gamble pick I’m making. I’ve always thought about a Maroney or White to Carolina but since I projected Carolina to win the Super Bowl they would never be around at pick #32. Now with the Panthers at pick 27 there is a chance that Maroney is around at pick #27. Pending the free agent moves they make the Panthers could go in a couple of directions. Obviously if they find a starting caliber running-back in free agency they won’t go this way but this is could be a possible scenario.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars Hill, Tye, CB Clemson

We all know by now the Jaguars biggest need is corner. No doubt about it. With Tye Hill on the board I feel the Jaguars won’t pass on him. His senior bowl outing was amazing. He should quick feet. He showed that he can cover the bigger receivers as well. Jacksonville could also go Thomas Howard or maybe even Bobby Carpenter but they’ve put off in finding a corner for a few years now and when you play in a division with Peyton Manning you might want to address that. The main concern about Hill is if he can be a decent tackler. I’ve already heard some people make Ahmad Carroll comparisons. Trust me I live in Green Bay. I saw Ahmad Carroll all year long. I watched Tye Hill at the Senior Bowl and at Clemson. Hill is already a better prospect than Carroll and I might take him right now over Carroll who has two years on him. Don’t rule out Antonio Cromartie as well but after the Senior Bowl I believe Hill passed him on most boards.

29. Denver Broncos Jackson, Chad, WR Florida

Even if Denver does sign Terrell Owens it’s only going to be for a year or so don’t rule out receiver yet. Though if that does happen I could see the Broncos going with a lineman in late round 1 and a receiver in round 2 or 3. Either way it’s safe to say that Denver will look to draft a receiver on the first day. Now the guess is where. I believe at pick 29 Chad Jackson has great value and is worth this selection. Jackson is a solid deep threat and is expected to have solid workouts at the combine. He needs to run well to solidify a first round grade though. Don’t rule out Derek Hagan here if he can bounce back or Sinorice Moss either. If they go lineman look out for Claude Wroten or Rod Wright.

30. Indianapolis Colts Howard, Thomas, OLB UTEP

I’ve had this pick pegged since November and I’m not ready to back off of it yet. Though Howard didn’t play the greatest Senior bowl he’s still a late first round linebacker in my opinion. In fact now that he had a quiet senior bowl that might farther the chances of him being on the board when Indianapolis picks. Howard is perfect for Dungy’s defensive scheme. He’s small and fast much like a Derrick Brooks. In fact if he had better coverage skills he could project as a safety. Much like Thomas Davis he could play a joker position in the NFL. The fact though is he needs to improve his coverage skills for that to happen. He is however a very solid wrap up tackler and with his speed he closes to the ball fast. I could see the Colts trading ahead of Jacksonville and the Giants to snag him. I could also see the Colts target a running back at this pick if they let go of Edge. Though I imagine they find away to keep him, someone like Maurice Drew(maybe a reach) or Laurence Maroney if he’s on the board would make sense if that were to happen. With Reggie Wayne probably being gone a receiver would make sense as well.

31. Seattle Seahawks Cromartie, Antonio, CB Florida St

The Steelers will look at a couple of things. I believe the need of a free safety and corner are some of their concerns. Cromartie who would of likely been a lock for a top 20 pick had he been healthy all year will most likely drop to the later part of round 1. He could be gone by now as well. If he is I could see them looking at Tye Hill or addressing their line with Charles Spencer. If he is on the board though I would have to imagine them taking a guy who can play both safety and corner. Cromartie could come in and maybe start at either or for them. If he had stayed in school and had a healthy year we would have been talking about Cromartie as a top 10 pick in the 2007 draft. He opted to come out though which surprised many people including myself.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers Kiwanuka, Mathias, DE Boston College

“Kiwi” really had a poor Senior Bowl. He was dominated all week long and eventually got hurt. He may of hurt his stock more than any player who participated in the bowl. The Seahawks who have a solid offense will look to address their defense on the first day of the draft. “Kiwi” who would be one of the top players on the board at this time would be a likely candidate. He is versatile enough to play both defensive end and outside linebacker but in the Seahawks scheme I see him as an end. Grant Wistrom doesn’t have much left in the tank and could use a breather every now and then during the game. “Kiwi” with the right coaching could become a solid player in the league but he needs to get his motor going. If the Seahawks lose Hutchinson I could see them going Charles Spencer with this pick. Right now though I think they’ll go best player on the board and that’s “Kiwi” If he could learn to play lower he could project as a solid linebacker but right now he’s an end in my opinion that is a boom or bust player.

33. Houston Texans Winston, Eric, OT Miami (FL)

With the Texans likely to take Reggie Bush in round 1 they’ll need to at least look at addressing their offensive line. While I think they’ll sign a couple key free agent lineman I still believe they need to address their line on the first day. Eric Winston would have been a first round pick if he came out last year but stayed for his senior year because of injuries and wanted to help his stock. After a bad season this year his stock has dropped far enough where there’s a good chance he falls to early round 2. The potential factor is there and Gary Kubiak who I think will be an excellent coach may be the guy to get Winston’s motor going.

34. New Orleans Saints Carpenter, Bobby, OLB Ohio St.

The Saints need to address their defense. In 2004 they ranked last in the NFL. In 2005 they ranked 15th which is better but they overachieved. I understand the Saints have used high draft picks on linebackers the past couple of years but Carpenter has got great value here and the only linebacker that actually semi panned out for them was Courtney Watson. Carpenter suffered a minor injury that kept him out of the starting lineup of the Fiesta Bowl. I don’t think that’ll effect his workouts at all and he has a ton of potential.

35. Tennessee Titans Jackson, D'Qwell, ILB Maryland

The Titians have a very young team which is why I believe Jeff Fisher should be given the benefit of the doubt. With likely drafting either Young or Leinart they’ll have to look at adding on to a young and promising defense. Jackson who is the top middle linebacker could be that guy. Jackson has solid speed and is a great wrap up tacklers. I believe he would be an immediate upgrade over Brad Kassell.

36. New York Jets Drew, Maurice, RB UCLA

The Jets may look for a future Quarterback with this pick but I believe they’ll give Pennington the go and maybe search for a young prospect through trade or free agency. They do need to add a future running back. Drew is very underrated in terms of an NFL prospect. He may only be 5-8 but he weighs 205 pounds which is similar to Reggie Bush. He runs a solid 40 ranging from a high 4.3 to a mid 4.4. Drew can become a solid NFL starter and he has carried the load at UCLA for the past two seasons. He had an exceptional season and could even slip into the early part of round 1 if the Colts need to find Edge’s replacement. Right now though I think he’s a good fit for the New York Jets.

37. Green Bay Packers Wright, Rodrique, DT Texas

Rod Wright’s stock has dropped out of the first round. While he still could be a potential late round 1 pick I don’t believe so. The Packers are likely to part ways with Grady Jackson this off-season. While Wright isn’t the run stuffer that Jackson is he is an exceptional pass rusher and holds strong on the line. The Packers could also look at Charles Spencer but right now they need to add to the defensive line.

38. Oakland Raiders Wroten, Claude, DT LSU

While the Raiders have needs at linebacker the chance to continue to upgrade their line is to much to pass up. They are likely to get either Mario Williams or AJ Hawk in round 1 who both are the top defensive players in the draft. With Wroten on the board I don’t see them passing on him. Wroten would have been a lock for round 1 if he hadn’t been arrested a few weeks back will likely drop to early round 2. Warren Sapp is closing in on retirement and Ted Washington is as well. Neither of them seems to have it in them any longer. Wroten gives them a young guy with a motor and maybe by April he get’s back in the first round picture.

39. San Francisco 49ers Wimbley, Kamerion, DE Florida St.

Time to build Mike Nolan’s defense. Wimbley is a perfect fit for a linebacker in the 3-4. He has solid size at around 255 and can run in the 4.6 range which is an ideal 40 time for 3-4 linebackers. The 49ers could also look to address the secondary but have used a lot of high picks on guys like Shawnte Spencer in the past. I expect them to add some secondary guys in the free agency and maybe another in round 2. Wimbley has great potential for the 3-4 and is a perfect fit for Mike Nolan’s defense.

40. Buffalo Bills O'Callaghan, Ryan, OT California

Buffalo has needs at both tackle and guard. There offensive line has been a disaster for years now. O’Callaghan is a big guy and is an amazing run blocker. With a young quarterback I would have to think Buffalo tries to run the ball as much as possible. McGahee suffered from not having a solid line to run behind and the Bills need to tune it up. O’Callaghan would be a great pickup for them.

41. Detroit Lions Spencer, Charles, OG Pittsburgh

Spencer is versatile enough to play either tackle or guard but probably will project better at guard. At this point he’s the top lineman on the board and the Lions have needs at both guard and tackle. Spencer would be an upgrade in my opinion over Kelly Butler at tackle and especially over Kyle Kosier at guard. The Lions could also look for a defensive end but with a chance at adding a lineman with the potential of being all-pro I see them going in that direction.

42. Arizona Cardinals Lewis, Marcedes, TE UCLA

While I think the Cardinals should look elsewhere they do have a need of a tight end and since Denny Green loves to throw the ball why not surround whoever is going to play quarterback with as many weapons as you can. I do see them adding a few lineman in the later rounds and going after Mike Bennett in free agency to play running back. I expect them to give J.J. Arrington one more chance with Mike Bennett. More like a hunch really.

43. St. Louis Rams Youboty, Ashton, CB Ohio St.

The Rams have a need at corner and Youboty who’s stock has just been going back and forth should be around when they pick. Youboty will look to continue a rich tradition of Ohio State corners. Now it’s not fair to compare him to Chris Gamble or Nate Clements as a prospect because he’s not going to get that kind of a grade but he does have the potential to become a solid NFL corner.

44. Cleveland Browns Colledge, Daryn, OT Boise St.

Colledge is one of the best pass blockers in the draft. Another guys who’s stock has been back and forth is expected to go in round 2 but could even be gone by now. If he puts on some weight and improves his run blocking he could become a solid tackle at the next level.

45. Baltimore Ravens Harris, Orien, DT Miami (FL)

The Ravens haven’t had a solid defensive tackle since Tony Siragusa. Orien Harris has the potential to become a solid player at the next level. Harris is a good tackler and gets off the line nicely. The Ravens had an underachieving type of years last year in my opinion and I expect them to improve next season. Adding Harris who could maybe even start right away would go along way in making what I think a reality.

46. Philadelphia Eagles Moss, Sinorice, WR Miami (FL)

The Eagles have a need at receiver. If they decide to pass on one in round 1 which I believe they will they’ll likely consider someone in round 2. Moss who was the MVP of the Senior Bowl has jumped the charts a lot. With the success of guys like Steve Smith and Santana Moss, the size of him might not be as much as of a concern as most would think. Much like Smith and Moss he has that ability to take a simple screen to the house.

47. Atlanta Falcons Jean-Gilles, Max, OG Georgia

The Falcons have used picks on receivers the pass two seasons and have ignored upgrading their average at best offensive line. Now the line could be better than what it really is. I disagree with letting Mike Vick run around like an idiot in the backfield. I rather see more design run plays out of him and more rollout plays. Sometimes he tries to do so much when he should just flip the ball out of bounce. Giles would be a great fit if he falls to them. Mixed reactions to where he’ll go in the draft but I believe he’s a strong 2nd round pick and I can’t see Atlanta passing on his great run blocking either.

48. Miami Dolphins Croyle, Brodie, QB Alabama

a few weeks back will likely drop to early round 2. Warren Sapp is closing in on retirement and Ted Washington is as well. Neither of them seems to have it in them any longer. Wroten gives them a young guy with a motor and maybe by April he get’s back in the first round picture.

49. Minnesota Vikings Lutui, Taitusi, OG USC

The Vikings could use an upgrade at both tackle and guard and heck they need to add depth to an offensive line that played horrible this past season. Lutui jumped boards as he weighed in at 330 and rather than his reported out of shape 370. Lutui should go versatility at the Senior Bowl at both guard and tackle. A strong run blocker would compliment well if they add a back like Maroney or White in the draft.

50. Dallas Cowboys Allen, Jason, S Tennessee

The Cowboys need a safety to compliment Roy Williams. Williams isn’t known for his coverage skills like you saw earlier in the year against the Redskins. Adding Jason Allen would help a lot to a team that is in position to make a late run. Allen would of likely been a first round choice if it wasn’t for a season ending injury in October. Dallas could also look to add a linebacker for depth or maybe even a future quarterback like Charlie Whitehurst.

51. San Diego Chargers Parham, Kari, ILB Virginia

The Chargers could look at a safety but I believe they’ll find one in free agency. Randall Godfrey has hinted toward retirement and they could use a replacement even if he does return. Parham is a big linebacker at about 250 and has great wrap up tackling ability. Again the possibility of an offensive lineman or safety is up there but Parham is someone who could draw interest in the 2nd round from some teams like the Bolts.

52. Kansas City Chiefs Jennings, Kelly, CB Miami (FL)

The Chiefs offense is still one of the best in the games and they have an older team which means time is running out. If there going to make a realistic run, in my opinion they need to go defense-defense-defense!! After addressing the run defense earlier in the draft they would then look at addressing the passing defense. Patrick Surtain had a rough year and the need of a corner is still on the table. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them go receiver but I think it’s unlikely.

53. New England Patriots Marshall, Richard, CB Fresno St.

The Patriots need help in the secondary and Marshall is there kind of a player. He’s got a great attitude and works hard for what he wants. He has great speed and could be a nickel back or maybe even start is rookie year for them.

54. Washington Redskins Stovall, Maurice, WR Notre Dame

The Redskins in my opinion will make a run at it all next season and Stovall would be a great pick for them. With Santana Moss emerging as one of the top wide receivers in the game they need a compliment to him. Stovall seems to emerged as a 2nd round pick. He had a great season under the wisdom of Charlie Weis. Playing with Joe Gibbs and his amazing staff should only farther along his progression.

55. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sims, Ernie, OLB Florida St.

A little undersize Ernie Sims is kind of like Derrick Brooks in many ways. Sims runs in the 4.5 range in the 40 and has great skills in coverage. He could add a little weight but that’s not a main concern at this time. Sims would be a great pick to either replace Derrick Brooks in the up coming years or start on the other side of him pending what Monte Kiffen would decide.

56. Cincinnati Bengals Blue, Greg, S Georgia

The Bengals offense is solid so they might as well keep adding to the defense. They could go tight-end but Greg Blue shows great potential into becoming a solid strong safety for them. Marvin Lewis is building a young team that I think could become a powerhouse in a few seasons. To do that they need to add defense.

57. New York Giants Joseph, Jonathan, CB South Carolina

Joseph is one of the fastest players in the draft and might be the fastest corner. He has great speed and plays a lot like Tye Hill does. He needs to work on his technique to become a potential star but he does have the makings of being a solid corner and the Giants need to upgrade their secondary

58. Chicago Bears Joseph, Davin, OG Oklahoma

The Bears have a pretty complete team. There defense is the best in the league but their offense is one of the weakest. They need to upgrade or at least add some depth to their offensive line. Joseph is a very solid prospect and is very strong. His draw back is his height but he makes up for it in strength.

59. Carolina Panthers Fasno, Anthony, TE Notre Dame

Panthers need to add some weapons. Fasano is one of the best tight-ends in the drafts. A year under Charlie Weis Fasano emerged as one of the better tight-ends in football. Carolina could look at a receiver as well but with the value of tight-ends reaching an all time high I don’t see they pass on Fasano’s potential.

60. Jacksonville Jaguars Mangold, Nick, C Ohio St.

Mangold is probably the top lineman left on the board. He might be able to project as a guard but could be an all-pro as a center. The Jaguars do need to upgrade their line to help prevent Byron Leftwitch from taking any more hits. Mangold could possibly start at either guard or probably center for them next year.

61. Denver Broncos Williams, Kyle, DT LSU

The Broncos built one of the best defenses in football last year by trading for the entire Browns line. As odd as that sounds they still need to add depth and a potential starter on the line. Williams is strong and was often overshadowed by Claude Wroten and Marcus Spears but he’s a heck of a player and he proved it in the Peach Bowl against Miami.

62. Indianapolis Colts Calhoun, Brian, RB Wisconsin

It’s starting to become more clear that the Colts are going to part ways with the Edge in the off-season. I believe that’s would be the worse mistake they could make. A team that is built around the pass would be wise to add a versatile back like Brain Caulhon. Caulhon needs to add some bulk to him but did prove to be durable at Wisconsin sometime carrying the ball 30 times a game.

63. Seattle Seahawks Mahelona, Jesse, DT Tennessee

The Seahawks might as well keep adding to their defensive line. Mahelona could become a potential starter along side of Marcus Tubbs. Mahelona shows a good burst and is one of the better pass rushing tackles in the draft. He needs to get stronger though as he often has trouble shedding blocks.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers Hagan, Derek, WR Arizona St.

Hagan stock had dropped but I expect him to bounce back at the combine. He shows solid speed and runs great routes. He dropped many balls in the game and in practices as well but I believe it’s more due to nerves. He was pretty consistent at Arizona State and has this pick as great value and potential to the Steelers.
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