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I actually read most of this stuff, and I rarely get stuff in SC Site Stuff... wow, things are getting sexy (not just because of buckeye. . ...).

A quick note on "funny statements." I just read the "zakdaddy thread." I'll admit, it was somewhat humorous, but if I had to choose to keep that thread or close it I would do the latter. I still think the Gulag joke by Noon was hilarious. High comedy.

I guess this boils down to how "crude" people want SC. Some want tea and crumpets while others want something that damn-near resembles flame wars. I'm assuming 95% want something in the middle, which is of course this huge, vague notion.
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It is da12ken and its hard to achieve. If we close a thread we're wrong and if we leave it open we're wrong. We use our own judgement and try to keep SC on the straight and narrow.
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Well I for one think that closing the zakdady thread was a "no-brainer". The thread quickly spiralled from sports-talk to personal attacks.

Enough said.
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Poptart was banned because he posted an inappropriate thread, he then would not comply with our decision and started making trouble by starting more threads complaining about it, including a RUDE PM to me which none of you are aware of, and he even went to the point of trying to get other people to come here and make trouble on his behalf.

That is more than reason to ban someone, so don't complain that we aren't explaining why things are done. And frankly, this isn't a democracy, we don't have to report all of our decisions so everyone knows and that doesn't give you a right to cause havoc and rudely second-guess our decisions and not respect them. Get over it! We're not changing any decisions.
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