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Default 2002 MLB strike: Coming soon to a ballpark near you.

It is pretty bad when millionaires complain about money. Who's fault is it any way that teams are losing money. NOT the Yankees and other profitable teams, why should they help struggling teams, they didn't get any help getting to where they are today. There are people in this world without jobs, and most of us who have jobs make much less the baseball players. It is pathetic that they have to complain about money and other things when they don't think of people who don't have near as good as life as they do. The only people at fault for the Marlins loss of money is...........The Marlins. Why would anyone trade away a Championship team. Do the Yankees trade all of their players away after they wiin a world series...........NO!!!!!

I hope they can avoid a strike, but it is pretty bad that they even have to talk about striking.
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They can still avoid a strike. But of course the union has to discuss a strike, they don't want to do it, but it's one of their negotiating tactics they have. I still think they will avoid a strike, it may look bad, but if you thought that the next week was gonna be all roses, think again. They're going to have their bumps in the road still. I am surprised that they're talking about such an early strike date though. I thought it would be in September.
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