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Default East vs. West

Like on the NFL board where they were debating the AFC & NFC, I am starting this thread to debate who's better -- the East or the West in the National Hockey League.

Here's what recent Stanley Cup victories dictate:

1990 -- WEST - Edmonton Oilers
1991 -- EAST - Pittsburgh Penguins
1992 -- EAST - Pittsburgh Penguins
1993 -- EAST - Montréal Canadiens
1994 -- EAST - New York Rangers
1995 -- EAST - New Jersey Devils
1996 -- WEST - Colorado Avalanche
1997 -- WEST - Detroit Red Wings
1998 -- WEST - Detroit Red Wings
1999 -- WEST - Dallas Stars
2000 -- EAST - New Jersey Devils
2001 -- WEST - Colorado Avlanche

So in the past 12 Stanley Cups, 6 have gone to the West, and 6 have gone to the East, but of the last six Stanley Cups, 5 have gone to the West.

In the last two seasons, though, one from each conference has won the Cup, and only 3 teams have been to the Stanley Cup Finals (New Jersey, Colorado, and Dallas); and in the past three seasons, only 4 teams have been to the Finals (those three plus Buffalo), so recent history dictates that it's pretty much even.

Or is it?

Look at last season's overall standings. Of the all the teams with more than 100 points -- six, total -- four of them were from the West (Colorado 118, Detroit 111, Dallas 106, and St. Louis 105) with the two teams from the East being just New Jersey 111 and Ottawa 109. Of the top 10 teams in the league, however, only the above mentioned four teams from the West stood.

So, what's your vote?... At this point, I'm still undecided... both conferences are very close. 49 points separated worse from last in the East, but 52 separated best from worse in the West.... but between the 5th-best and 8th-best teams in the East, the gap was 8 points, but 5 in the West.

It's definitely very, very close.
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I gotta give the edge to the West right now, but the East isn't too far behind. They've got a lot of great teams and a lot of top talent.
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