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Good to hear, seriously. It'd been about 10 months. Just making sure you're still alive and kickin'.
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High school Rocball starts today; community league underway

TODAY marks day one of the high school Rocball league’s regular season, as six teams vie for the top spot.

The Kingz are this semester’s defending champions, taking on teams Krownerz, Fly High, Underdog, Chiefs, and Watch Ur Face.

The Kingz trumped Yo Face in last month’s best-of-five finals series. They will play Watch Ur Face today, 12:45 p.m. at Marianas High School’s gymnasium. Games will take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during MHS’ lunch time.

Other scheduled matches include Krownerz vs. Chiefs (Monday, Jan. 24) and Fly High vs. Underdog (Wednesday Jan. 26).

To prepare for their match, high school Rocball participants held practice sessions with community league players last Wednesday. During their ‘clinic’ as Rocball coordinator Jim Feger calls it, community league players assist their younger counterparts with the sport’s rules and basics.
“As for the community league, right now we’re still trying to found out which teams will join,” added Feger.

After gaining interest in the sport, India adopted Rocball last November. The Rocball Federation of India, established by Chetan Sports’ Chetan Pagawad, is currently forming teams across the country.
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Originally Posted by ghostofSC View Post
Good to hear, seriously. It'd been about 10 months. Just making sure you're still alive and kickin'.
Good to hear also, James

Always a great read...:thumbup:
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Friday, February 18, 2011 12:00AM By James Feger - For Variety

TWO undefeated Rocball teams met on court last Wednesday. The Kingz – 2010 defending champions – and team Fly High, a combination of last year’s players.

As what could be expected, the game between the undefeated was decided in overtime.

The Fly Highs came loaded with energy as they outscored the defending champs, 16-4 and 16-3 in the first two sets. They held their commanding lead in the final set with 32 points.

The Kingz – all veteran Rocball players – know the rules of the game. A team can’t claim the game in a losing set regardless of game points. The Kingz needed to win the last set and force the game to overtime.

By the third set, Fly High led 7-5 after the Kingz failed two serves and lost two points. Kingz’ Ben Olopai served a xunk and dropped the Fly Highs to even out the score, 5-5. Olopai served for a two-point ace, putting his team ahead for the first time.

The Fly Highs couldn’t break their foes’ rhythm and lost. Because they had the most game points at the end of regular play, they had to win only one more overtime set. The Kingz needed two.

In almost no time, Fly High defeated the Kingz and handed them their first loss of the season with a 7-5 win. (Teams must score seven points or make a goal in the overtime set of high school Rocball.)

Yesterday, the Kingz and Fly Highs played an exhibition game for visiting Seisa High School students from Yokohama, Japan. This year marks the 25th year for the Cultural and Sports Exchange Program between Seisa and Marianas High School. This also marked the 25th year MHS students have played Rocball as a part of the program. Seisa and MHS students played yesterday,
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Fly High leads Rocball Final Four cast

By Roselyn Monroyo
Reporter Saipan Tribune

Fly High and three others made it to the semifinals of the 2011 Rocball High School Spring League after last week's games at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

Fly High clinched the first semis ticket after a 48-34 victory over Watch Ur Face last Friday. The win was fifth in as many games for Fly High, while Watch Ur Face bowed out of the competition with a dismal 1-4 record in the round-robin regular season

Ryan Ichihara led Fly High's sweep with his 11 points off two kees, one xunk, one ace, and one goal.

Joining Fly High in the semifinals were Kingz, Krowners, and the Chiefs.

The Kingz also played last Friday and juiced out Krowners in three sets, 33-26. The victory put the Kingz in second place in the team standings with its 4-1 slate.

Despite the loss, Krowners still advanced to the next round, as their 3-2 record was enough for a share of third place with the Chiefs. Jason Limes led Kingz' winning cause with his nine points off two aces, one kee, and one goal.

The Chiefs saved their season after surviving the Underdogs, 32-31. The Chiefs lost the first two sets, 15-14, 15-8, to fall behind, 22-30. In the third set, the Chiefs must win by nine point to steal the game and they succeeded, 10-1, to foil the Underdogs' upset bid.

In Rocball, a win can only be awarded to the team that prevails in the last set and has the lead. If the leading team loses the last set, the game goes in overtime with the trailing squad needing to win two sets and the former prevailing in only one set.

With the win, the Chiefs were given the No. 3 seeding in the semifinals and are scheduled to play the second-ranked Kingz in Game 1 of their best-of-three series today. The other semis pairing are No. 1 seed Fly High and fourth-ranked Krowners, who played Game 1 of their own semis series yesterday. Winners of the semifinals series will advance to the best-of-five title affair.
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Affiliated to World Organized Rocball

Rocball Federation of India permitted Rocball Association of Maharashtra & Rocball Association of Aurangabad Jointly arranged competition of first National Rocball Championship for the year 2010 - 2011 in respect of Senior (Men / Women), Junior (Boys / Girls) & Sub -Junior (Boys / Girls) player during period from 13th to 15th March - 2011 at Rajeev GandhiStadium, Sidko, District - Aurangabad, State – Maharashtra, India (Sports DevelopmentAuthority of Maharashtra). In this National competition 16 state are participated in between 16 Men & 11 Women teams for Senior Group, 14 Boys & 9 Girls for Junior Group, 9 Boys & 8 Girls teams for Sub Junior Group. For this National championship near about 800 to 900 players were participated from all over India in 16 states.

In this tournament won the prices by Senior Group Men’s section
First Place - Maharashtra state,
Second Place – Goa State,
Third Place – Madhya Pradesh State &

Women’s section First Place – Maharashtra state,
Second Place – Hariyana state,
Third Place– Delhi state.

Junior Group Boy’s section
First Place - Andra Pradesh state,
Second Place –Maharashtra State,
Third Place – Gujrath State

& Girl’s section First Place – Goa State,
Second Place – Maharashtra State,
Third Place- Assam State.

Sub Junior Group Boy’s section
First Place- Maharashtra State,
Second Place- Himachal Pradesh State,
Third Place -Hariyana State

& Girl’s Section
First Place- Delhi State,
Second Place- Assam State,
Third Place- Maharashtra State.

For this First National competition in India, President of Rocball Federation of India Mr.Suresh Gandhi & Gen. Secretary Mr. Chetan Pagawad and Secretary of Rocball Association Maharashtra Mrs. Ankita Pagawad and President of Rocball Association of Aurangabad Mr.Ganesh Kad & Secretary Mr. Kailash Patane presented for Prize distribution ceremony on 15 March 2011.

This First National Rocball Game have been fully arranged as per Rule & Regulation of “ World Organised Rocball ”. At present Rocball game is known as Saipan Game.

However, we are now trying to spread this game all over the country India.

Mr. Chetan M. Pagawad
General Secretary

Affiliated to World Organized Rocball
Recognized by Commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands
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12 teams clash in ongoing Rocball season

ANOTHER season of Rocball blazes on at the Marianas High School Gymnasium, with a total of 12 teams vying for the top.

The late-season intramural league started with eight groups, increased to ten, and — then a week into competition — grew to twelve teams, including a teachers’ team.

After three weeks (15 games) the Kingz remain undefeated with three wins. Teams Rockafella and You Got Served follow with two wins each.

The top three ‘heavy hitters’ (players who score most often in Rocball’s multiple point scoring system) are YGS’s Justin Pardierna with eight aces and one xunk for 19 points, Ben Olopai of the Kingz with four aces, two kees, and one goal for 13 pts, and Nick Gross with two aces, two kees, and one goal for 11 points.

The teams that have scored the most goals in a game are the YGS, who scored two goals in a game twice, School House Roc…Ball, who scored two goals in one game, and the Fil’ Aces, who also scored two goals in one game.

The teams that have scored the most two-point backcourt plays are the School House Roc…Ball with six kees and Rockstars with five kees. The Kingz, Alpha Q, and Home Town Kids are tied with four kees each.

A kee is made by the goalie from either team that scores court points from the backcourt behind the ten-foot front line.

Team You Got Served leads the pack with 12 aces, trailed by the Kingz at 11. Alpha Q and Leche Dude are tied at third with 10 aces each.

An ace — worth two points — is a serve that is hit and grounded by a player on a receiving team before a second player touches the ball.

The teams that have ‘xunked’ their opponents the most are the Kingz and G-6 at three xunks each and the Geeks, HTK, and Leche Dudes at two apiece.

A xunk is a serve that is made in such a way that it lands on a receiving team’s side of the court untouched. The team that scores a xunk has the option of adding two points to their score or deducting two points from their opponent’s score.

Two players have scored a ‘jam’ so far. This is a one-point defensive play made by a front line player on the receiving team. It is the most difficult of scoring techniques in Rocball. A ‘jam’ is made when a front line player on the receiving team smacks down and grounds a served ball on the service team’s court.

A ‘Master Blaster’ is a player that has scored at least once in each of the scoring techniques of Rocball: court point, ace, xunk, jam, kee, and goal.
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Rocball creator Jim Feger named Rotary Club’s Citizen of the Year
Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:00AM

JAMES “Jim” W. Feger, the creator of rocball, is this year’s recipient of the Rotary Club Citizen of the Year Award.

Rotary Club of Saipan outgoing president Glen V. Perez presented The Citizen of the Year plaque of recognition to Feger “in recognition of his insurmountable vision and effort to the sports community in the CNMI, and for his vision, creativity and his burning desire to make a difference exemplifies the Rotary Club’s definition of an outstanding citizenship.”

Each year, the Rotary Club selects an individual in the community to honor as its citizen of the year. To be considered for the award, an individual must have made long-lasting and valuable contributions toward the improvement of life and the community.

Feger received his plaque during the club’s installation dinner in the Hibiscus Hall of the Fiesta Resort & Spa on Tuesday evening.

Feger said he is happy to have created a CNMI-owned sport recognized by the Public School System.

“Thank you Rotary Club for honoring me for creating something that we can call ours,” he said.

Feger invented and has had the sport of Rocball copyrighted with the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. He was honored in 1997 with a commemorative resolution by the Saipan & Northern Islands Municipal Council for his invention.

It was during the 1997 ceremony of the municipal council that Rocball was identified as “Saipan’s Own Sport”. And, Feger encouraged the community to continue playing rocball and get involved in the sport.

Rocball is a game derivative of volleyball with multiple point scoring techniques, goals at the end of each court; the three point score, and the first team net sport of its kind to develop offensive and defensive scoring.
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