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Well, when LSU beats Western Illinois, La Tech, and Louisana-Monroe....can you understand when people aren't screaming "Geaux Tigers!" all across the country?
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Well lets break it all down for the top 3.

#1 Sooners

1- NTexas 37-3 (9-3)
[email protected] 20-13 (4-8)
3- Fresno 52-28 (7-5)
4- UCLA 59-24 (6-6)
[email protected] 53-7 (2-9)
[email protected] # 6 Texas 65-13 (9-2)
7- Missouri 34-13 (7-4)
[email protected] Colorado 34-20 (5-6)
9- #23 OSU 52-9 (9-3)
10- Texas A&M 77-0 (4-7)
11- Baylor 41-3 (3-9)
12- @Texas Tech 56-25 (7-5)

Still to play KSU. Ranked #14.

2 games against top 25 teams and both were blow outs. 7 Home games and 5 away. 6 Games with teams .500 or less.

#2 USC

1- @ Auburn 23-0 (7-5)
2- Brigham Young 35-18 (4-8)
3- Hawaii 61-32 (7-4)
4- @ California 31-34 (7-6)
5- @ Arizona State 37-17 (4-7)
6- Stanford 44-21 (4-6)
7- @ Notre Dame 45-14 (4-6)
8- @ Washington 43-23 (6-6)
9- #16 Washington State 43-16 (9-3)
10- @ Arizona 45-0 (2-9)
11- UCLA 47-22 (6-6)

Still to play OS. H/A Split. Lost to unranked Cal on road. 7 teams on schedule . 500 or below. 1 win over #16 WSU, the only other ranked team in the Pac -10 who has ZERO wins against a top 25 team.

#3 LSU

1 Louisiana-Monroe 49-7 (1-11)
2 @ Arizona 59-13 (2-9)
3 Western Illinois 35-7 (AA)
4 #5 Georgia 17-10 (9-2)
5 @ Mississippi State 41-6 (2-9)
6 #11 Florida 7-19 (8-3)
7 @ South Carolina 33-7 (5-7)
8 Auburn 31-7 (7-5)
9 Louisiana Tech 49-10 (5-6)
10 @ Alabama 27-3 (4-8)
11 @ #17 Mississippi 17-14 (8-3)

Still to pay Arkansas/SEC CS. Lost to a Florida team that has a win over Georgia and 2 close games that were against Miami and Mississippi. 7 Games with teams at .500 or less. Wins over 2 top 25 teams in a SEC that has 3 more teams in the Top 25 than the Pac-10

Games they all have in common.

UCLA- Oklahoma by 35, USC by 25
Bama- Oklahoma by 7, LSU by 24
Auburn- USC by 23, LSU by 24
Arizona- USC by 45, LSU by 46

Pretty easy to score 45 a game when the toughest team you have played is ranked 16th and has no wins against top 25 teams.

If LSU wins out and Florida beats FSU to play them in the SEC Title game, LSU will jump USC for the NC because of strength of schedule.

Then again they could get wipped by the Razorbacks and end this whole mess and I'll be watching Seinfeld reruns instead of the NC.

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Originally posted by PurpleReign009
How the hell is USC not good? They score over 40ppg
Right at that exact moment in your post is when I stopped reading.

You want to know WHY they don't deserve a title shot if both they and LSU win out??????? Because USC LOST TO CAL. LSU LOST TO FLORIDA. Cal sucks, and they havn't played anyone else but another overratd Pac 10 team in Washington State. Their schedule is worse than LSU's, I don't care what the computers say.

LSU's SOS ratings are low because the ***** teams they played were *****ier than USC's ***** teams-- but that doesn't mean *****! Cause the good teams LSU played are far, far better than those that USC played.

USC lost to Cal, they lost two games last year. They are still riding the wave of their big win over the most wrongly hyped team of the year in Auburn, and I can't wait till they get crushed--either by Michigan or Oklahoma. Thats another thing right there. If USC were to beat Michigan, I'd have to hear more crap about how USC is better than Ohio State, and I just don't think I could take anymore of that right now, I'll snap.

And I'm not inconsistent in thinking Oklahoma would blow out USC, even though I stated Oklahoma isn't as good as their hype either. Oklahoma is the best team this year, they just aren't the best team ever, or of the past decade. LSU would give them a game though.
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I agree with you Ricky, right up till you suggest that LSU could give OU a game. I really don't think LSU would be able to score. Their offense is WAY to susceptible to good defenses, a la Ole Miss, Florida, Georgia. OU's defense, while maybe not the best in a hundred years, compares to those defenses. I think an OU 20-6 game would be a deceivingly close score, because it would make it look as if LSU's offense ever had a chance, which I don't think they would. LSU's defense, while good, makes mistakes, and a single mistake against OU is a seven-point swing. Much easier to make mistakes against lesser offenses like Ole Miss, Miss St, etc.,

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Ive had enough of hearing from this hillbillys with there boomsticks yelling how they got a great rivalry with Alabama and Auburn. There is no tradition like ohio state and Michigan, there never is a game with more on the line. There might of been 1 or 2 iron bowls that meant anything.
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Class I respect your opinion, but please do not make derogatory comments towards any person or people in any thread. Thanks.
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